Calendar 2023

December 2023, Festivals, Vrat and Holidays List

Hindu Festivals in December 2023
05 December 2023, TuesdayKalabhairav Jayanti, Kalashtami
08 December 2023, FridayUtpanna Ekadashi
10 December 2023, SundayPradosh Vrat
11 December 2023, MondayMasik Shivaratri
12 December 2023, TuesdayBhaumvati Amavasya, Gauri Tapo Vrat, Amavasya
13 December 2023, WednesdayHemant Ritu
14 December 2023, ThursdayChandra Darshan
16 December 2023, SaturdayDhanu Sankranti , Vinayaka Chaturthi Vrat
17 December 2023, Sunday Vivah Panchami
18 December 2023, MondaySomvar Vrat, Shasti
20 December 2023, WednesdayDurga Ashtami Vrat
20 December 2023, WednesdayDurga Ashtami Vrat
22 December 2023, FridayMokshada Ekadashi, Gita Jayanti
23 December 2023, SaturdayVaikuntha Ekadashi
24 December 2023, SundayPradosh Vrat , Bharatheeya Grahak Divas , Christmas Eve , Anang Trayodashi Vrat
25 December 2023, MondayChristmas , Malaviya Jayanti , Rohini Vrat
26 December 2023, TuesdayPurnima Vrat, Sri Satyanarayan Puja, Margashirsha Purnima, Annapurna Jayanti
30 December 2023, SaturdaySankashti Chaturthi

Purnima Vrat Dates 2023

Jyeshtha Purnima4 June 2023, Sunday
Ashadha Purnima3 July 2023, Monday
Adhika Purnima1 August 2023, Tuesday
Shravana Purnima30 August 2023, Wednesday
Bhadrapada Purnima29 September 2023, Friday

Pradosh Vrat 2023

Guru Pradosh Vrat1 June 2023, Thursday
Guru Pradosh Vrat 15 June 2023, Thursday
Shani Pradosh Vrat1 July 2023, Saturday
Shukra Pradosh Vrat14 July 2023, Friday
Ravi Pradosh Vrat30 July 2023, Sunday

Sangrand Dates 2023

Month Name
Harrh (June)15 June 2023, Thursday
Sawan (July)16 July 2023, Sunday
Bhadon (August)17 August 2023, Thursday
Assu (September)17 September 2023, Sunday
Katak (October)17 October 2023, Tuesday

Sankashti Chaturthi Dates 2023

Krishnapingala Chaturthi7 June 2023, Wednesday
Gajanana Chaturthi6 July 2023, Thursday
Vibhuvana Chaturthi4 August 2023, Friday
Heramba Chaturthi3 September 2023, Sunday
Vighnaraja Chaturthi2 October 2023, Monday

Ekadashi Vrat Dates 2023

Yogini Ekadashi14 June, 2023, Wednesday
Devshayani Ekadashi29 June, 2023, Thursday
Kamika Ekadashi13 July, 2023, Thursday
Padmini Ekadashi29 July, 2023, Saturday
Parama Ekadashi12 August, 2023, Saturday

Amavasya Vrat Dates 2023

Ashadha Amavasya18 June 2023, Sunday
Shravana Amavasya17 July, 2023, Monday
Adhika Amavasya16 August, 2023, Wednesday
Bhadrapada Amavasya14 September, 2023, Thursday
Ashwina Amavasya14 October, 2023, Saturday

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