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Ahoi Ashtami 2023 Date: Vrat Katha Pdf, Ahoi Mata Puja Vidhi, Aarti and Shubh Muhurat

Ahoi Ashtami 2023 Date: Vrat Katha Pdf, Ahoi Mata Puja Vidhi, Aarti and Shubh Muhurat

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Ahoi Ashtami 2023: Traditionally, अहोई अष्टमी 2023 is a festival in which mother is doing a fast for the happy lives of their children. This year, the date of Ahoi Ashtami Vrat 2023 is November 05, Sunday. Ahoi mata puja falls 7 days before Diwali Puja 2023. Women are doing puja of Ahoi Mata, Lord Shiva and Parvati are also worshiped in this fast.

India is known all over the world for its unique culture and traditions. In this fast, the mother keeps a fast from morning till evening and breaks her fast after seeing the stars in the sky. Sometimes, the moon will come late on on this day, but some women are breaking their vrat after seeing the moon in the night.

Ahoi Ashtami vrat is celebrated every year on the Ashtami date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. This festival is more famous in, Punjab, Haryana and the northern part of the country. In which all the mothers keep fast for the long life and happy life of their child. Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya mother Parvati are worshipped on this day. It is said that those who keep fast on this day. Their children get fame, glory, happiness and prosperity with a long life.

Let’s checkout the Ahoi Ashtami 2023 vrat katha in Hindi with full pujan vidhi, Aarti and shubh muhurat.

Ahoi Ashtami 2023 Date: Vrat Katha Pdf, Ahoi Mata Puja Vidhi, Aarti and Shubh Muhurat

Ahoi Ashtami 2023 Shubh Puja Muhurat and Timings (अहोई अष्टमी शुभ पूजा मुहूर्त 2023)

  • Ahoi Ashtami 2023 Date : Sunday, November 5, 2023
  • Ahoi Ashtami 2023 Puja Muhurat : 05:33 PM to 06:52 PM
  • Govardhana Radha Kunda Snan : Sunday, November 5, 2023
  • Ashtami Tithi Begins : 12:59 AM on Nov 05, 2023
  • Ashtami Tithi Ends : 03:18 AM on Nov 06, 2023

Ahoi Ashtami 2023 Moonrise Time

  • Sanjh – Evening Time for Sighting Stars : 05:58 PM
  • Moonrise time on Ahoi Ashtami – 12:02 AMNov 06

Ahoi Ashtami 2023 Vrat Puja Vidhi (अहोई अष्टमी व्रत पूजा विधि)

  • The preparations for Ahoi Ashtami Puja should be done before sunset.
  • Wake up early in the morning (before sunrise).
  • Take a bath and wear a new cloth.
  • After taking bath, eat some fruits etc.(It is also customary to observe a waterless fast throughout the day.)
  • Clean the temple of the house.
  • First of all put a picture or photo of Ahoi Mata on the wall.
  • Ahoi is accompanied by a picture of Mata with eight corners or Ashta Kosha (अष्ट कोश).
  • A sacred ‘Kalash’ filled with water is placed on a wooden platform to the left of the picture of Maa Ahoi.
  • Draw a Swastika on the ‘Kalash’.
  • Tie a sacred thread (moli) around the Kalash.
  • Offer rice and milk to Ahoi Mata, includes Puri, Halwa and Pua (पूआ).
  • Grain or raw food is also offered to Mata Ahoi in the puja.
  • Put rice in a vessel in front of Ahoi Mata i.e. Parvati Maa.
  • Along with this, keep radish (मूली), water chestnut (सिंघाड़ा), water and fruits.
  • Light a lamp in front of mother.
  • Tell the story of Ahoi Ashtami vrat to all the women.
  • In the evening, Ahoi worships the Ashtami Mata by sitting with the children.
  • While listening to the story to each woman, keep 7 grains of wheat in her hand.
  • After the worship is over, tie that rice in the dupatta or pallu of the sari.
  • At the end of the puja, perform Ahoi Ashtami Aarti.
  • Offer bhog and red flowers.
  • After the completion of the puja, women offer Argha to the stars or moon, depending on their family tradition, from the sacred Kalash.
  • As soon as the star emerges in the evening, the fast is broken by offering water and food to it.
  • After the puja, get the blessings of the elders of the house.
  • Distribute prasad to everyone and take food.

Keep in mind that all the water is not to be used. We have to save something so that it can be used on the day of diwali.

Ahoi Ashtami Puja Samagri List (अहोई अष्टमी पूजा सामग्री)

  • Kalash filled with water
  • Ahoi of silver or white metal
  • Pearl beads (मोती की माला)
  • Milk
  • Rice
  • Sweet
  • Flower
  • Lamp
  • Long
  • Radish
  • Fruits
  • Oil
  • Paan Leaves
  • Cow Dung
  • Chuna

Ahoi Ashtami 2023 Vrat Katha in Hindi PDF (अहोई अष्टमी व्रत की कथा)

Ahoi Ashtami 2023 Vrat Katha in Hindi PDF (अहोई अष्टमी व्रत की कथा)
Ahoi Ashtami 2023 Vrat Katha in Hindi PDF (अहोई अष्टमी व्रत की कथा)

Ahoi Mata Vrat Aarti (अहोई माता की आरती)

Ahoi Mata Vrat Aarti (अहोई माता की आरती)

Significance of Ahoi Ashtami Vrat (अहोई अष्टमी का महत्व)

According to histroical beliefs, Ahoi Ashtami is a festival of mothers in a way. In this vrat, mothers observe this fast for the welfare of their children. It is also called ‘Ahoi Aathe’ (अहोई आठे) because this fast falls on the day of Ashtami. This fasting is very beneficial and auspicious, special for those who are unable to have children. On this day women keep a strict fast and do not even take a drop of water for the whole day. Ahoi Ashtami Vrat is similar to Karva Chauth Vrat; The only difference is that Karva Chauth is performed for husband while Ahoi Mata Vrat is performed for children. Mothers worship Ahoi Devi with utmost enthusiasm and pray for a long, happy and healthy life for their children. They break the fast only after seeing and worshiping the moon or stars.

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