Govind Dev Ji Live Darshan: Aarti, Mandir Darshan Timing, Photos, Images, Contact Number

Govind Dev Ji Live Darshan: Aarti, Mandir Darshan Timing, Photos, Images, Contact Number

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Shri Radha Govind dev Ji Temple (श्री राधा गोविंद जी मंदिर जयपुर) is a famous Hindu religious place without a peak in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The temple is an outstanding architectural piece built in red sandstone (बलुआ पत्थर). It has two Guinness World Records. The temple is dedicated to Lord Govind Dev Ji, one of the incarnation of Lord Krishna (भगवान कृष्ण) on earth. Shri Radha Govind Ji Mandir is the temple of Gaudiya sect (गौड़िया संप्रदाय), this sect was originated by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (श्री चैतन्य महाप्रभु). The temple of Govinddev ji is situated in the city palace, situated in the east side of the Chandra Mahal, in the middle of the garden of the Jai Niwas. The journey from Vrindavan to Jaipur to establish the Deity of Lord Shri Krishna established in the temple of Govind Dev Ji was possible after a long struggle.

This temple is one of best temple among the 7 temples of Shri Krishna of Vrindavan which includes Shri Banke Bihari Ji, Shri Govind Dev Ji, Shri Radhavallabh Ji and four other temples. Aarti and bhog are offered to the deity of the temple tp Shri Krishna, seven times a day, where a large number of devotees visit the temple daily to have darshan and while on the occasion of Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, thousands of devotees come here. is involved. Here devotes can get the information on Govind Dev Ji live darshan and Aarti schedule.

Govind Dev Ji Live Darshan and Aarti Online (गोविंद देव जी मंदिर लाइव दर्शन)

Govind Dev Ji Mandir Jaipur Darshan Timing (गोविंद देव जी मंदिर जयपुर दर्शन समय)

The lord Govind Dev Ji Temple is opening time today or daily for devotees from 4.30 am to 9.30 pm, but please note that the timings of worship and darshan are different here, so please get the right information from temple’s official website before come.

Govind Dev Ji Mandir Aarti Time Table (गोविंद देव जी मंदिर के आरती टाइम टेबल)

Darshan Time Table Aarti Rituals
05:00 AM to 05:15 AM Mangala Jhanki (मंगला आरती ) (No Entry)
07:45 AM to 09:00 AM Dhoop Jhanki (धोप आरती)
09:30 AM to 10:15 AM Shringar Jhanki (शृंगार आरती)
11:00 AM to 11:30 AM Rajbhog Jhanki (राजभोज आरती)
05:00 PM to 07:00 PM Sandhya Jhank (संध्या आरती)
08:00 PM to 08:15 PM Shayan Jhanki (शयन आरती)

Govind Dev Ji Temple Contact Number and Address

  • Jalebi Chowk, Jai Niwas Garden, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Phone : 091-0141-2619413 (Office)

Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur Map Online (गोविंद देव जी मंदिर जयपुर का नक्शा)

Govind Dev Ji Temple Photos and Images Gallery (गोविंद देव जी मंदिर फोटो गैलरी)

Govind Dev Ji Temple Image
Govind Dev Ji Temple Photo
Govind Dev Ji Temple Darshan Photo
Govind Dev Ji Mandir Photo Gallery
Govind Dev Ji Image Photo
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