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Guru Gobind Singh is the 10th Sikh Guru after Guru Tegh Bahadu. He was also known as Gobind Rai, born was on 22 December 1666 and died on 7 October 1708 at the age of aged 41. Guru Gobind Singh is Known for founding the Khalsa. His father was Guru Tegh Bahadu (Ninth Guru) and mother was Mata Gujri. At that time, Guru Gobind Singh became a leader of Sikhs when was 9 years OR we can say that he was the last Guru of Sikhism. This Sikhism community is called a Khalsa and Sikh warrior. On the occasion of Vaisakhi/Baisakhi people from mostly Punjab are searching a Guru Gobind Singh HD images & Shik Guru Guru Gobind Singh Wallpapers & Photos for WhatsApps & Facebook Posting to share with their friends, family & loved ones. 
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