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Bangalore Press Calendar 2024 PDF Download for Kannada and English Online

Explore Bangalore Press Calendar 2024 Pdf download - Plan your year with events, holidays, and festivals. Get organized for the upcoming year with this comprehensive calendar.
Bangalore Press Calendar 2024

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The Bangalore Press Calendar is a classic calendar that has been in production for over 100 years. It is a popular choice for homes and businesses in Karnataka, India, and is known for its high quality, beautiful printing, and informative content. Bangalore Press, a name synonymous with quality printing and publication, has been crafting calendars that transcend mere timekeeping. The Bangalore Press Calendars 2024 are no exception. These calendars are more than just tools; they are cultural artifacts that bridge generations.

In the hustle and bustle of today’s fast-paced world, calendars have evolved from being mere date trackers to multi-functional tools that combine utility and aesthetics. One such gem in the realm of calendars is the Bangalore Press Calendar 2024, a true embodiment of tradition and modernity. This article takes you on a journey through the essence of these calendars, exploring the cultural significance, the artistic brilliance, and the functional benefits they offer.

The Bangalore Press Calendars 2024 are available in both Kannada and English, catering to the linguistic diversity of the nation. Each version encapsulates the cultural fabric.

Kannada Months 2024 Details

The Bangalore Press calendars ingeniously blend tradition with modernity. They celebrate traditional festivals while also providing information about international observances, catering to a diverse audience. Beyond aesthetics, these calendars are highly functional. With ample space for notes, reminders, and even a quick glance at holidays, they serve as practical organizers. Bold and vibrant, each page of the Bangalore Press Calendar 2024 is a canvas that showcases intricate artwork, capturing the essence of tradition and modern life. Every stroke speaks of craftsmanship.

  • Chaitra (March-April)
  • Vaishakha (April-May)
  • Jyeshtha (May-June)
  • Ashada (June-July)
  • Shravana (July-August)
  • Bhadrapada (August-September)
  • Ashwina (September-October)
  • Kartika (October-November)
  • Margashirsha (November-December)
  • Pausha (December-January)
  • Magha (January-February)
  • Phalguna (February-March)

Bangalore Press Calendar (English) 2024 PDF Download

The Bangalore Press Calendar is a popular calendar in India, and for good reason. It is a well-made calendar with a classic design that is perfect for any home or office. The calendar features large, easy-to-read dates and days of the week, as well as a variety of useful information, such as public holidays, festivals, and moon phases. Whether you are looking for a classic calendar with a modern touch, or a calendar that is packed with useful information, the Bangalore Press Calendar is a great option. It is sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home or office.

The Bangalore Press Calendar is available for purchase online and at select retailers in Karnataka. You can find it on the Bangalore Press website, Amazon India, and Flipkart.

To order your Bangalore Press Calendar 2024, visit the Bangalore Press official website or your local bookstore.

Bangalore Press Calendar (English) 2024 PDF Download

Bangalore Press Calendar (Kannada) 2024 PDF Download

Bangalore Press embraces change. The calendars now come with QR codes, linking to online content and ensuring that tradition is accessible to the tech-savvy generation. Crafting these calendars is a meticulous process. The selection of themes, the curation of artwork, and the printing are all executed with precision, ensuring a masterpiece in every home.

Bangalore Press Calendar (Kannada) 2024 PDF Download
DateWeekdayPublic Holiday
Jan 15MondayUttarayana Punya Kala Makara Sankranti Festival
Jan 26FridayRepublic Day (National Day)
Mar 8FridayMaha Shivaratri
Mar 29FridayGood Friday
Apr 1MondayAnnual Accounts Closing (Bank Holiday)
Apr 9TuesdayUgadi Festival
Apr 10WednesdayKhutba e Ramzan (End of Ramadan)
Apr 14SundayDr. B.R Ambedkar Jayanthi
Apr 21SundayMahaveera Jayanthi
May 1WednesdayMay Day
May 10FridayBasava Jayanthi / Akshaya Tritiya
June 17MondayBakrid (Feast of Sacrifice)
July 17WednesdayLast Day of Moharam
Aug 15ThursdayIndependence Day
Sep 7SaturdayVarasiddhi Vinayaka Vratha
Sep 16MondayEd-Milad (Prophet's Birthday)
Oct 2WednesdayMahalaya Amavasye
Oct 2WednesdayMahatma Gandhi's Birthday
Oct 12SaturdayMahanavami / Ayudhapooja
Oct 13SundayVijayadasami
Oct 17ThursdayMaharshi Valmiki Jayanthi
Oct 31ThursdayNaraka Chaturdashi
Nov 1FridayKannada Rajyothsava
Nov 2SaturdayBalipadyami Deepavali
Nov 18MondayKanakadasa Jayanthi
Dec 25WednesdayChristmas

Bangalore Press Calendar 2024 Price

  • Rs 110 (Pack of 2 and Size – 22 X 17.5 inches

Important Features of the Bangalore Press Calendar 2024

  • Choosing Your Perfect Calendar : With various themes and sizes to choose from, finding a calendar that resonates with your personality and preferences is effortless. It’s more than a calendar; it’s an expression.
  • A Glimpse into the Future : As technology advances, Bangalore Press Calendars embrace innovation. Augmented reality features and interactive elements might soon find their way into these beloved calendars.
  • Preserving Memories and Moments : These calendars don’t just mark dates; they encapsulate memories. They become a part of family histories, noting special occasions, and becoming cherished keepsakes.
  • Calendars Beyond Dates : Bangalore Press explores creativity beyond calendars, with merchandise like themed diaries and planners, extending the artistic and functional brilliance to other aspects of life.
  • The Global Appeal : The allure of Bangalore Press Calendars isn’t limited to India; they have a global fan base. Their unique blend of tradition and modernity strikes a chord with people worldwide.
  • Variety of useful information, such as public holidays, festivals, and moon phases
  • Classic design with a modern touch, Printed on high-quality paper

In a world that’s constantly evolving, the Bangalore Press Calendars 2024 remain a constant, reminding us of our roots while embracing the future. They’re more than tools; they’re cultural companions.

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