Shiv Puran in Hindi: Shiv Mahapuran Katha Book PDF Download – शिव महापुराण कथा हिंदी

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The Shiv Puran (शिव पुराण) is one of the 18 Puranas in the Sanskrit texts of Hinduism, and is part of the Shaivism (शैव धर्म) literature collection. One of the main deities of Hinduism (हिंदू धर्म), Devadhidev Mahadev i.e. Lord Shiva is also known as Bhagwan Shankar. In all the Puranas, This Mahapuran Katha (शिव महापुराण कथा) is mainly associated with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, but all the gods and goddesses are described in it. For this Shiv mahapuran, the main day is considered to be Monday, the first day of the week. According to Shiva Purana, a person who regularly worships Shivling gets the power to face the miseries in life.

Around 24,000 verses (श्लोक) are found in the Shiva Purana, which is divided into seven samhitas (सात संहिताओं ). This Purana has shown a the character of all history life of Lord Shiva. This puran is also suggesting the right way to prayer for Lord shiva to liberation (पापकर्म) suffering from the sins of Kaliyuga (कलियुग). It is believed that whoever worships and listens to Lord Shiva according to this Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva blesses him. If it is recited in the month of Shravan, then it is considered to give very auspicious results, apart from this, it must be recited on Monday, by reciting Shiva Purana on Monday, one gets the special grace of Shiva and destroys sins and future becomes pleasant.

This is a holy book for the Shaivite sect (शैव मत). Shiva glory (महिमा) is described in this religious text. This creation has been created only by the wish of Lord Shiva, so a person who worships him can get all the things of the world. Let’s learn about the Shiv Puran in Hindi with katha book to read online.

Shiv Puran in Hindi PDF Download – शिव महापुराण कथा हिंदी

Click Here for PDF Downloadशिव पुराण कथा इन हिंदी

Shiv Puran in Hindi PDF Download - शिव महापुराण कथा हिंदी

Shiv Puran Reading Rules – Rituals (शिव पुराण पढ़ने के नियम)

  • Before reading or listening to Shiva Purana, purify the body and mind (तन और मन को शुद्ध करें).
  • Wear new clothes.
  • Before starting the lesson, sprinkle Gangajal (गंगाजल).
  • Keep faith and belief (श्रद्धा और आस्था) for Lord Shiva in your mind.
  • Do the fast and take fruit after the reading Shiv Puran.
  • Don’t have hatred towards anyone (द्वेष भाव).
  • Do not criticize (निंदा) anyone, do not slander (चुगली), otherwise the virtue (पुण्य) ends.
  • Eat sattvik food only.
  • Don’t commit any kind of sin (पाप).
  • Observe a vow of celibacy (ब्रह्मचर्य व्रत).
  • One should sleep on the ground, do not take any kind of intoxicant (नशा).
  • Do not hurt anyone’s heart before or after listening to the katha of Shiv Purana.
  • Poor patient (गरीब रोगी), sinner (पापी), luckless (भाग्यहीन) and childless (निःसंतानी) must listen to the story of Shiv Puran.

Benefits of Shiva Puran (शिव पुराण के लाभ)

  • All your wishes come true.
  • Childless (निःसंतान) people get children.
  • Problems related to married life are coming, then those problems go away.
  • All kinds of sufferings and sins of a person are destroyed.
  • Salvation (मोक्ष प्राप्ति) is attained.
Shiv Puran in Hindi: Shiv Mahapuran Katha Book PDF Download - शिव महापुराण कथा हिंदी
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