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Kohinoor Press Panjika, Celebrate Tradition With Odia Calendar 2024

Kohinoor Press Panjika is one of the most appreciated Panjikas from Odisha, carefully created and meticulously counted by Pandit Sri Krushna Prasad Khadiratna every year. For the past 87 years, the Shri Jagannath Temple in Puri has used it as their calendar of choice. The Kohinoor Panjika is recognized as the most important Odia calendar in India. It is valued for its precision and tradition.
Odia Calendar 2024

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Many years ago, people measured time using the Odia calendar. Numerous regional modifications have been made to the Odia calendar over time. These calendars use both solar and lunar-solar components. It makes them unique yet diverse.

Festivals and Fasts in Odia Kohinoor Calendar 2024

Odisha Dharma is rich in diversity. Here is a list of all the fasts and festivals for each month in the year 2024, According to the Odia Kohinoor Calendar 2024. This calendar offers a common reference for timekeeping despite regional variations. The names of the months and their corresponding zodiac signs are included in this national calendar, which also includes all significant festivals and holidays:

  • Chaitra (Aries)
  • Vaishakh (Taurus)
  • Jyeshtha (Gemini)
  • Ashadh (Cancer)
  • Shravan (Simha)
  • Bhadrapada (Virgo)
  • Ashwin (Libra)
  • Karthik (Scorpio)
  • Margashirsha (Dhanu)
  • Pausha (Capricorn)
  • Magha (Aquarius)
  • Phalgun (Pisces)

Download the Odia Kohinoor Calendar 2024

The Odia Calendar 2024 is available at GanpatiSevak. The April edition of Odia Panjika 2024 is now available for download.

We have compiled the list of festivals and fasts for the year 2024 according to the Odia Kohinoor Calendar 2024. This will help you stay informed about the upcoming festivals and fasts throughout the year. You can download the PDF by the below link:

Odia Kohinoor Calendar 2023 PDF Panjika Free Download

Odia Kohinoor Calendar 2022 PDF Panjika Free Download

Stay tuned and celebrate each festival and fast with joy and devotion with the comprehensive Odia Kohinoor Calendar 2024.

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