Vishnu Ashtottara Shatanamavali – 108 Names of Lord Vishnu with Meanings PDF Download

Vishnu Ashtottara Shatanamavali - 108 Names of Lord Vishnu with Meanings PDF Download

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Here this post is showing a 108 names of lord vishnu and శ్రీ విష్ణు అష్టోత్తర శతనామావళిashtottara shatanamavali of Lord Vishnu which you can chant daily. It can be recited morning and evening time which you can use in mobile phone as well. Lord Vishnu’s seventh incarnation is Lord Rama so here listed names of lord vishnu from Vishnu Sahasranama is showing a proper name meaning with vishnu name mantra.

Each name of Bhagwan vishnu is explaining the divine qualities of Vishnu. Any seeker who regularly recite Shri Vishnu Ashtottara Shatanamavali is very beneficial for attainment of education, attainment of wealth, son and salvation. Here we are going to tell about 108 mames of Lord Vishnu with Meanings in PDF format.

Lord Vishnu Ashtottara Shatanamavali PDF Download – 108 Names with Meanings

श्री विष्णु अष्टोत्तर शतनामावली or శ్రీ విష్ణు అష్టోత్తర శతనామావళి

Lord Vishnu Ashtottara Ahatanamavali in Telugu PDF Download – Click Here

Lord Vishnu Ashtottara Shatanamavali PDF Download - 108 Names with Meanings
No Vishnu Name Vishnu Mantra Meaning
1 Vishnu Om Vishnave Namah। All Prevailing Lord
2 Lakshmipati Om Lakshmipataye Namah। Consort of Goddess Lakshmi
3 Krishna Om Krishnaya Namah। Dark-Complexioned Lord
4 Vaikuntha Om Vaikunthaya Namah। Home of Lord Vishnu
5 Garudadhwaja Om Garudadhwajaya Namah। Name of Lord Vishnu
6 Parabrahma Om Parabrahmane Namah। The Supreme Absolute Truth
7 Jagannatha Om Jagannathaya Namah। Lord of the Universe
8 Vasudeva Om Vasudevaya Namah। Indwelling God
9 Trivikrama Om Trivikramaya Namah। Conqueror of All the Three Worlds
10 Daityantaka Om Daityantakaya Namah। Destroyer of Evils
11 Madhuri Om Madhuripave Namah। Sweetness
12 Tarkshyavahanaya Om Tarkshyavahanaya Namah। Name of Lord Vishnu’s Carriage
13 Sanatana Om Sanatanaya Namah। The Eternal Lord
14 Narayana Om Narayanaya Namah। The Refuge of Everyone
15 Padmanabha Om Padmanabhaya Namah। The Lord Who has a Lotus Shaped Navel
16 Hrishikesha Om Hrishikeshaya Namah। The Lord of All Senses
17 Sudhapradaya Om Sudhapradaya Namah।
18 Madhava Om Madhavaya Namah। Knowledge Filled God
19 Pundarikaksha Om Pundarikakshaya Namah। The Lotus Eyed Lord
20 Sthitikarta Om Sthitikarta Namah। A name of Lord Vishnu
21 Paratpara Om Paratparaya Namah। Greatest amongst the greats
22 Vanamali Om Vanamaline Namah। One Who Wears a Garland of Forest Flowers
23 Yajnarupa Om Yajnarupaya Namah।
24 Chakrapanaye Om Chakrapanaye Namah।
25 Gadadhara Om Gadadharaya Namah। One Who Holds a Mace (Gada)
26 Upendra Om Upendraya Namah। Brother of Indra
27 Keshava Om Keshavaya Namah। He Who has Beautiful Locks of Hair
28 Hamsa Om Hamsaya Namah।
29 Samudramathana Om Samudramathanaya Namah।
30 Haraye Om Haraye Namah। The Lord of Nature
31 Govinda Om Govindaya Namah। One Who Pleases the Cows and the Nature
32 Brahmajanaka Om Brahmajanakaya Namah।
33 Kaitabhasuramardana Om Kaitabhasuramardanaya Namah।
-34 Shridhara Om Shridharaya Namah। Holder of Sri
35 Kamajanaka Om Kamajanakaya Namah।
36 Sheshashayini Om Sheshashayine Namah।
37 Chaturbhuja Om Chaturbhujaya Namah। Four-Armed Lord
38 Panchajanyadhara Om Panchajanyadharaya Namah।
39 Shrimata Om Shrimate Namah। Name of Lord Vishnu
40 Sharngapana Om Sharngapanaye Namah।
41 Janardana Om Janardanaya Namah। One Who Helps All Needy People – Like Compassion
42 Pitambaradhara Om Pitambaradharaya Namah। He Who Wears Yellow Garments
43 Deva Om Devaya Namah। Divine
44 Suryachandravilochana Om Suryachandravilochanaya Namah।
45 Matsyarupa Om Matsyarupaya Namah। Lord Matsya – An Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
46 Kurmatanave Om Kurmatanave Namah।
47 Krodarupa Om Krodarupaya Namah।
48 Nrikesari Om Nrikesarine Namah। The Fourth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
49 Vamana Om Vamanaya Namah। The Dwarf Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
50 Bhargava Om Bhargavaya Namah।
51 Rama Om Ramaya Namah। Seventh Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
52 Bali Om Baline Namah। The Lord of Strength
53 Kalki Om Kalkine Namah। Another Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Will Appear at the End of Kaliyuga
54 Hayanana Om Hayananaya Namah।
55 Vishwambhara Om Vishwambharaya Namah।
56 Shishumara Om Shishumaraya Namah।
57 Shrikara Om Shrikaraya Namah। One Who Gives Sri
58 Kapila Om Kapilaya Namah। The Great Sage Kapila
59 Dhruva Om Dhruvaya Namah। The Changeless in the Midst of Changes
60 Dattatreya Om Dattatreyaya Namah। Grand Teacher (Guru) in the Universe
61 Achyuta Om Achyutaya Namah। Infallible Lord
62 Ananta Om Anantaya Namah। The Endless Lord
63 Mukunda Om Mukundaya Namah। The Giver of Liberation
64 Dadhivamana Om Dadhivamanaya Namah।
65 Dhanvantari Om Dhanvantaraye Namah। A Partial Incarnation of Lord Vishnu Appeared After Churning of Ocean
66 Shrinivasa Om Shrinivasaya Namah। The Permanent Abode of Shree
67 Pradyumna Om Pradyumnaya Namah। Very Rich
68 Purushottama Om Purushottamaya Namah। The Supreme Soul
69 Shrivatsakaustubhadhara Om Shrivatsakaustubhadharaya Namah।
70 Murarata Om Murarataye Namah।
71 Adhokshaja Om Adhokshajaya Namah। One Whose Vitality Never Flows Downwards
72 Rishabha Om Rishabhaya Namah। The Incarnation of Lord Vishnu When He Appeared as the Son of King Nabhi
73 Mohinirupadhari Om Mohinirupadharine Namah।
74 Sankarshana Om Sankarshanaya Namah।
75 Prithvi Om Prithave Namah।
76 Kshirabdhishayini Om Kshirabdhishayine Namah।
77 Bhutatma Om Bhutatmane Namah। A Name of Lord Vishnu
78 Aniruddha Om Aniruddhaya Namah। One Who Cannot Be Obstructed
79 Bhaktavatsala Om Bhaktavatsalaya Namah। One Who Loves His Devotees
80 Nara Om Naraya Namah। The Guide
81 Gajendravarada Om Gajendravaradaya Namah। Lord Vishnu Gave a Benediction to Gajendra (Elephant)
82 Tridhamne Om Tridhamne Namah।
83 Bhutabhavana Om Bhutabhavanaya Namah।
84 Shwetadwipasuvastavyaya Om Shwetadwipasuvastavyaya Namah।
85 Sankadimunidhyeyaya Om Sankadimunidhyeyaya Namah।
86 Bhagavata Om Bhagavate Namah। Pertaining to Lord (Bhagavan)
87 Shankarapriya Om Shankarapriyaya Namah।
88 Nilakanta Om Nilakantaya Namah।
89 Dharakanta Om Dharakantaya Namah।
90 Vedatmana Om Vedatmane Namah। Spirit of the Vedas rests in Lord Vishnu
91 Badarayana Om Badarayanaya Namah।
92 Bhagirathijanmabhumi Padapadma Om Bhagirathijanmabhumi Padapadmaya Namah।
93 Satam Prabhave Om Satam Prabhave Namah।
94 Swabhuve Om Swabhuve Namah।
95 Vibhava Om Vibhave Namah। Glory & Richness
96 Ghanashyama Om Ghanashyamaya Namah। Lord Krishna
97 Jagatkaranaya Om Jagatkaranaya Namah।
98 Avyaya Om Avyayaya Namah। Without Destruction
99 Buddhavatara Om Buddhavataraya Namah। An Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
100 Shantatma Om Shantatmane Namah।
101 Lilamanushavigraha Om Lilamanushavigrahaya Namah।
102 Damodara Om Damodaraya Namah। Whose Stomach is Marked With Three Lines
103 Viradrupa Om Viradrupaya Namah।
104 Bhutabhavyabhavatprabha Om Bhutabhavyabhavatprabhave Namah।
105 Adideva Om Adidevaya Namah। The Lord of the Lords
106 Devadeva Om Devadevaya Namah। The God of the Gods
107 Prahladaparipalaka Om Prahladaparipalakaya Namah।
108 Shrimahavishnu Om Shrimahavishnave Namah। Name of Lord Vishnu
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