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In Jainism (जैन धर्म), people are worshiping Lord Mahavira (भगवान महावीर) the most and all Jain religious people also consider invaluable religious texts explained by him about the importance of human life. All Jain communities are very familiar with the rituals of “michhami dukkadam” (मिच्छामी दुक्कड़म) from childhood and understand it very well. An invaluable practice of Jainism which is really heart touching and full of emotions. Paryushan parv 2022 (पर्युषण पर्व) is a special festival in Jainism which is celebrated in the first and second week of Bhadrapada. Shwetambar Jain (स्वेताम्बर जैन) consider this festival for 8 days and Digambar Jain (दिगंबर जैन) for 10 days.

In Jainism, there is a tradition of saying “Micchami Dukkadam” to each other on the last day of Paryushan festival. Apart from India, this parva is celebrated with pomp in many other places in the world, such as USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, Germany, Japan and many other countries. People living in India are celebrate the parv by doing worship of Lord Mahavira these days and by saying apologizing to their relatives and friends who live far from them, they celebrate the festival of forgiveness. Here we have updated latest Michhami Dukkadam 2022 Wishes with WhatsApp Status messages, quotes, photos and image to share easily on your social media network.

Micchami Dukkadam Meaning (मिच्छामी दुक्कड़म का अर्थ)

In Jainism, there is a tradition of saying Michhami Dukkadam to each other on the last day of Paryushan festival.

  • Michhami Means : Forgiveness (अर्थात क्षमा कीजिये)
  • Dukkadam Means : Bad deeds i.e. to apologize for the bad deeds done (क्षमा किनसे, क्षमा प्रत्येक उस जीव से जो इस दुनिया में मौजूद है).)

What is Michhami Dukkadam In Hindi (मिच्छामी दुक्कड़म क्या है?)

  • मिच्छामी दुक्कड़म का हिंदी अर्थ होता है : क्षमा करें, जिसमे
  • मिच्छामी : क्षमा
  • दुक्कड़म : बुरे कर्मों के लिए

Micchami (Michhami) Dukkadam 2022 Wishes Messages, Photos and Images

Micchami Dukkadam Wishes Message
Micchami Dukkadam Wishes Photo
Micchami Dukkadam Wishes Image
Michhami Dukkadam Wishes Status Photo
Michhami Dukkadam Wishes Status Message
Michhami Dukkadam Wishes Status Download
Michhami Dukkadam Wishes Status Free Download

Micchami (Michhami) Dukkadam 2022 Jain WhatsApp Status Download

Micchami Dukkadam WhatsApp Status
Micchami Dukkadam Jain WhatsApp Status
Micchami Dukkadam WhatsApp Status Message
Micchami Dukkadam WhatsApp Status Photo
Michhami Dukkadam WhatsApp Status Image
Michhami Dukkadam Wishes WhatsApp Status
Michhami Dukkadam Wishes WhatsApp Download
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