How to Make Eco Friendly Ganesh Idol from Clay or Mitti At Home – Easy 8 Steps

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Would you like to celebrate the upcoming Ganeshotsav in a new and never forgotten way? So this time on Lord Ganpati festival, make your own eco-friendly Ganesha in your home. Yes, install more clay (Mitti) Ganesha made with your family instead of the expensive idols found in the market here is the very easy steps, so Let us show you how to make eco friendly clay Ganesha at home.
With the Ganesh Chaturthi festival starting from the 22nd August, people do not have to go in crowds to buy Ganesh idols in the Corona epidemic and Here we have come up with the best way to make idols in just 8 steps so that people sitting at home can make eco-friendly caly idols themselves. The clay or mitti idol is beneficial for the environment as well as a seed is planted inside the idol so that after 11 days of house installation and worship, people dispose of the earthen idol in their yard or kunda and then a tree grows in the place and becomes beneficial for the environment. .
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How to Make Eco-Friendly Ganpati from Clay at Home (Maticha Ganpati)

How to Make Eco Friendly Ganesh Idol from Clay or Mitti At Home - Easy 8 Steps

All that is needed to make an idol of Ganesha is black clay (Mitti), water, matchbox, a dish for keeping the idol in it.

Step #1: Feet or Legs

First we will make Ganesha’s feet means legs. We will make a clay ball to make a foot and shape it into a loop. Then give “U shape”. The toes are pressed with the toes and turned outwards.

Step #2: Stomach

Make a large ball of clay to make a belly, round it like a laddu and arrange it between the U shape of the legs. When making the belly arrange two ropes on both sides to make the goddess hand.

Step #3: Hand

Shape the clay into a loop and cut it in the middle. Pressing both hands on the side of the forehead, keep one hand in a blessing posture and the other a straight paw to place the ladoo.

Step #4: Khesh

Weaving round ladoo curry and keeping it down, pressing with finger and making a long strip. To gently lift the bandage and wear it like a necklace to Ganeshji.

Step #5: Head and Trunk

To make a big ball of a ladu is to weave the ball in half so that the part woven on top will be round and the part not woven will become Ganesha’s trunk.

Step #6: Teeth

To make a toot, make a small ball of clay and cut it in half. Then apply it on one side of the trunk and straight on the other side.

Step #7: Ears

Apply two strands already on the head instead of the ears, make a ball and press it. Cut the sphere in the middle and fill the rounded part in the rope. In such a way that the straight part appears outwards.

Step #8: Crown

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Make a ball and weave it like a loom. Flattening by pressing. Arrange between the two ears and above the head. Also shape with a chandelier as shown in the picture.
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Summing Up

I hope that you get the perfect solutions for making eco-friendly clay Ganesh Idol. So if have made  lord ganesha idol through same suggested step so please comment and update your pics here so that everyone can see and worship for Lord Ganeshji.

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