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2023 Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Date, Puja Vidhi, Parana Time, Aarti and Importance

2023 Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Date, Puja Vidhi, Parana Time, Aarti and Importance

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Varuthini Ekadashi 2023 OR we can say that its called Vaishnava Varuthini Ekadashi 2023 and Baruthani Ekadashi. Its a Hindu festival and celebrated with always in Krishna Paksha on 11th lunar day. Varuthini Ekadashi comes in Chaitra or Vaisakha month as per Hindu Calendar 2023. This festival is dedicated ot Lord Vishnu’s Vamana avatar and worship of worship of Varaha avatar gives amazing sins, sorrows and griefs. Hare Krishna followers are mostly doing this vart. People are worshipping Lord Vishnu by law and doing the fast. They are doing Varuthini Ekadashi katha during the fast which removes all the troubles and sorrows of the devotees.

In some states this Varuthini Ekadashi vrat (वरुथिनी एकादशी)  is celebrated in different ways including North Indian and South Indian people. In this vrat people are doing Parana (fast) for full day and over the after sunrise on next day of Ekadashi fast. It compulsary to do Parana within Dwadashi Tithi. As per the old ritual, the Varuthini Ekadashi vrat is in key of “moksha” that is freedom from the cycle of re-birth and death. Here one can checkout the Varuthini Ekadashi vrat katha, How to do puja and what is the right parana time & fasting date. check all this things as below:

Varuthini Ekadashi Date in April 2023 (वरुथिनी एकादशी 2023 तिथि)

  • According to Udayatithi, the fast of Varuthini Ekadashi date to keep vrat on 19th April 2023, Sunday.

Varuthini Ekadashi 2023 Parana Time

  • Parana Time – 05:54 AM to 08:29 AM (On 17th April)
  • Parana Day Hari Vasara End Moment – 03:46 PM

2023 Varuthini Ekadashi Start and End Time

  • Ekadashi Tithi Starts : 08:45 PM on Apr 15, 2023
  • Ekadashi Tithi Ends : 06:14 PM on Apr 16, 2023

Varuthini Ekadashi Puja Vidhi (वरुथिनी एकादशी की पूजा विधि)

  • Take a bath in the morning or before sunrise and wear clean clothes.
  • Make an altar (वेदी) and place 7 paddy (धान) and put urad, moong, wheat, gram, barley, rice and millet on it.
  • Establish an kalash on the altar (कलश की स्‍थापना करें).
  • Now place 5 mango or Ashoka leaves in it (आम या अशोक के 5 पत्ते लगाएं).
  • Now place the idol or picture of Lord Vishnu on the altar(वेदी) .
  • Offer yellow flowers, season fruit and Tulsi to Lord Vishnu.
  • Light a ghee lamp or diya in front of the Lord Vishnu.
  • Then perform the aarti of Vishnu with incense-lamp.
  • You can singing bhajans and spent chanting mantras in praise of Lord Vishnu.
  • Offer some fruits and Bhog to Bhagwan Vishnu and money to some respectful Brahmins.
  • Visit the nearest temple of Lord Vishnu during evening time.
  • You can broken the vrat of Vaishnava Varuthini Ekadashi after next day of “dwadashi”.
  • Use some selected food on selected plates on Varuthini Ekadashi day.
  • Dont take water or eat any food during all day.
  • Don not take rest/sleep if you are doing fasting.
  • If possible then Stays awake all night and speak Varaha mantra of Lord Vishnu avatar (which will gain freedom from all their sins).

Varuthini Ekadashi Aarti (वरुथिनी एकादशी – भगवान विष्णु की आरती)

Varuthini Ekadashi Aarti (वरुथिनी एकादशी - भगवान विष्णु की आरती))

Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat Katha in Hindi (वरुथिनी एकादशी व्रत कथा)

Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat Katha in Hindi (वरुथिनी एकादशी व्रत कथा)

2023 Varuthini Ekadashi Shubh Muhurat and Choghadiya (वरुथिनी एकादशी व्रत शुभ मुहूर्त)

  • Udvega – Bad – 05:55 AM to 07:32 AM
  • Chara – Neutral : 07:32 AM to 09:08 AM
  • Labha – Gain : 09:08 AM to 10:45 AM
  • Amrita – Best : 10:45 AM to 12:21 PM
  • Kala – Loss : 12:21 PM to 01:58 PM
  • Shubha – Good : 01:58 PM to 03:34 PM
  • Roga – Evil – : 03:34 PM to 05:11 PM
  • Udvega – Bad : 05:11 PM to 06:47 PM
  • Shubha – Good : 06:47 PM to 08:11 PM
  • Amrita – Best : 08:11 PM to 09:34 PM
  • Chara – Neutral : 09:34 PM to 10:57 PM
  • Roga – Evil : 10:57 PM to 12:21 AM on Apr 17
  • Kala – Loss : 12:21 AM to 01:44 AM on Apr 17
  • Labha – Gain : 01:44 AM to 03:07 AM on Apr 17
  • Udvega – Bad : 03:07 AM to 04:31 AM on Apr 17
  • Shubha – Good : 04:31 AM to 05:54 AM on Apr 17

Varuthini Ekadashi Importance and Benefits (वरुथिनी एकादशी महत्व)

Varuthini Ekadashi has its own special significance. According to the ritual, by observing fast and puja all things on this day on this day, a person gets good luck and his wealth increase. People gets peace and joy. You can take a bath in the morning with pour Gangajal water. Offered Tulsi water to Lord Vishnu which give persons attains to Baikunth. It is believed that by doing charity on this day, salvation is attained. All the sins committed by a person soon come to an end.

Varuthini Ekadashi Mantra and Slokas

  • ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय
  • ॐ अं वासुदेवाय नम:
  • ॐ आं संकर्षणाय नम:
  • ॐ अं प्रद्युम्नाय नम:
  • ॐ अ: अनिरुद्धाय नम:
  • ॐ नारायणाय नम:
  • ॐ नमो भगवते वाराहरूपाय भूभुर्व: स्व: स्यात्पते भूतित्वं देह्येतद्दापय स्वाहा।।
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