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Sikh Festivals 2024 PDF, Sikh Religious Dates 2024 and Sikh Holidays List Download

Sikh festivals 2024 list

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Sikh is one of the major and most famous religions in India. People of Sikh religion (सिख धर्म) have many different customs and celebrations. Sikhism celebrates the birth of its ten Sikh Gurus and things related to their lives in the form of festivals. Vaisakhi (बैसाखी) is one of most important and most waited Sikh festival marks the birth of the Khalsa order by Guru Gobind Sing. All important Sikh festivals and celebrations are performed with the Panj Pyara (पंजा प्यारा अमृत) in attendance. As soon as February 2024, the process of vrats and festivals will start.

Almost all the festivals of the Sikhs are dedicated to the Gurus. Sikh community celebrate important events throughout Sikh history. In Sikhism, there is a method of worship on all the festivals. The (गुरु ग्रन्थ) Guru Granth of Sikhism places the deities among the people and while celebrating any Sikh festival they carry it out in a palanquin (पालकी) with a public procession.

So Let us welcome the new year and know which Sikh festivals, religious dates and holidays are going to fall in the all years 2024.

Most Famous Name of Sikh Festivals

  • Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti – गुरु गोबिंद सिंह जयंती
  • Lohri – लोहड़ी
  • Hola Mohalla – होला मोहल्ला
  • Vaisakhi – बैसाखी
  • Guru Hargobind Singh Ji Jayanti – गुरु हरगोबिन्द सिंह जी जयंती
  • गुरु हरकिशन जयंती
  • Guru Nanak Gurpurab Jayanti – गुरु नानक जयंती
  • गुरु अमरदास जयंती
  • गुरु अर्जन देव पुण्यतिथि
  • गुरु राम दास जयंती
  • Diwali
  • Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates 2024 – Sikh Holidays List

सिख धर्म के त्यौहार

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates in March 2024

March 14FestivalNew Year (Bikrami Year 2081-82) Nanakshahi Samvat 556 starts01 Chet
March 14ShaheediJathedar Akali Phula Singh (200th anniversary)01 Chet
March 15HistoricalSardar Baghel Singh conquering of Delhi02 Chet
March 23ShaheediBhagat Singh10 Chet
March 25ShaheediBhai Subheg Singh & Bhai Shabaz Singh12 Chet
March 26CelebrationHolla Mohalla13 Chet

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates in April 2024

April 07GurgaddiGuru Har Rai Sahib Ji25 Chet
April 09GurgaddiGuru Amar Das Sahib Ji27 Chet
April 09BirthSahibzada Baba Jujhar Singh Ji27 Chet
April 12Joti JotGuru Angad Dev Ji30 Chet
April 13Joti JotGuru Hargobind Sahib Ji01 Vaisaakh
April 13CelebrationKhalsa Saajna Divas (Creation of Khalsa)01 Vaisaakh
April 13CelebrationSikh Dastaar Divas (Sikh Turban Day)01 Vaisaakh
April 20BirthBhagat Dhanna Ji08 Vaisaakh
April 22GurGaddiGuru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji10 Vaisaakh
April 22Joti JotGuru HarKrishan Sahib Ji10 Vaisaakh
April 29PrakashGuru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji17 Vaisaakh
April 30PrakashGuru Arjan Dev Ji18 Vaisaakh

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates in May 2024

May 03ShaheediSri Muktsar Sahib ~ Jorh Mela21 Vaisaakh
May 05BirthJassa Singh Ramgarhia23 Vaisaakh
May 09PrakashGuru Angad Dev Ji27 Vaisaakh
May 11HistoricalVictory at Sirhind (Banda Bahadur & Baba Deep Singh)30 Vaisaakh
May 16HistoricalChhota GhaluGhara (Gurdaspur)03 Jeth
May 18BirthJassa Singh Ahluwalia05 Jeth
May 22PrakashGuru Amar Das Sahib Ji09 Jeth
May 31GurGaddiGuru Hargobind Sahib Ji18 Jeth

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates in June 2024

June 04ShaheediAkal Takht Martyrdom (1984)22 Jeth
June 10ShaheediGuru Arjan Dev Ji28 Jeth
June 22PrakashSri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji09 Haarh
June 22BirthBhagat Kabir Ji09 Haarh
June 22CelebrationJorh Mela Gurdwara Reetha Sahib09 Haarh
June 24ShaheediBanda Singh Bahadur11 Haarh
June 26HistoricalFounding of Akal Takht (Sirjana Divas)13 Haarh

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates in July 2024

July 08ShaheediBhai Mani Singh Ji25 Haarh
July 16CelebrationMiri Piri Divas01 Saavan
July 16ShaheediBhai Taru Singh Ji01 Saavan
July 29PrakashGuru HarKrishan Sahib Ji14 Saavan
July 31ShaheediSardar Udham Singh16 Saavan

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates in August 2024

August 19HistoricalJorh-Mela Baba Bakala04 Bhaadon
August 29HistoricalSampuranta Divas Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (at Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji)14 Bhaadon

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates in September 2024

September 04Prakash1st Prakash Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji20 Bhaadon
September 05GurGaddiGuru Arjan Dev Ji21 Bhaadon
September 06Joti JotGuru Ram Das Sahib Ji22 Bhaadon
September 10CelebrationJorh Mela Gurdwara Kandh Sahib/Dehra Sahib26 Bhaadon
September 10HistoricalMarriage of Guru Nanak Dev Ji/Mata Sulakhni Ji26 Bhaadon
September 16GurgaddiGuru Ram Das Ji01 Assu
September 18Joti JotGuru Amar Das Ji (450th Commemoration)03 Assu
September 21MergingJor-Mela Ramdas ~ Passing of Baba Budha Ji06 Assu
September 22GurGaddiGuru Angad Dev Ji07 Assu
September 27Joti JotGuru Nanak Dev Ji12 Assu

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates in October 2024

October 06-07HistoricalJorh Mela (retirement) Baba Budha Ji (Thatha)21-22 Assu
October 09BirthBhai Taru Singh Ji24 Assu
October 12CelebrationDarbar Khalsa (Dussehra)27 Assu
October 19PrakashSiri Guru Ram Das Sahib Ji03 Katak
October 23BirthBaba Budha Ji07 Katak
October 23PassingJassa Singh Ahluwalia07 Katak
October 25GurGaddiGuru HarKrishan Sahib Ji09 Katak
October 25Joti JotGuru Har Rai Sahib Ji09 Katak

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates in November 2024

November 01CelebrationBandi Chhor (Divali)16 Katak
November 03GurgaddiSri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Nanded)18 Katak
November 03PrakashMata Sahib Dev (Mother of Khalsa)18 Katak
November 06Joti JotSri Guru Gobind Singh Ji21 Katak
November 12BirthBhagat Nam Dev Ji27 Katak
November 15PrakashGuru Nanak Dev Ji30 Katak
November 15ShaheediBaba Deep Singh Ji30 Katak
November 28MergingMerging of Bhai Mardana Ji13 Maghar
November 30BirthSahibzada Baba Joravar Singh Ji15 Maghar

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates in December 2024

December 04GurGaddiGuru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji19 Maghar
December 04ShaheediBaba Gurbaksh Singh Ji19 Maghar
December 06ShaheediGuru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji21 Maghar
December 14BirthSahibzada Baba Zorawar Singh Ji29 Maghar
December 20HistoricalLeaving of Anandpur Sahib Fort06 Poh
December 21HistoricalSplitting of Guru’s Family at Sirsa07 Poh
December 21ShaheediBhai Jivan Singh (Bhai Jaita Ji)07 Poh
December 22HistoricalSaka Chamkaur Sahib Ji08 Poh
December 22ShaheediSahibzada Baba Ajit Singh Ji08 Poh
December 22ShaheediSahibzada Baba Jujhar Singh Ji08 Poh
December 23GurgaddiPanj Piarey Guru Khalsa at Chamkaur Sahib09 Poh
December 23ShaheediPiara Bhai Sangat Singh Ji09 Poh
December 27ShaheediSahibzada Baba Jorawar Singh Ji13 Poh
December 27ShaheediSahibzada Baba Fateh Singh Ji13 Poh

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates in January 2025

January 06PrakashGuru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji23 Poh
January 14CelebrationFoundation Stone of Sachkhand Sri Harimandir Sahib, Sri Amritsar (Golden Temple)01 Maagh
January 14Jor MelaSri Muktsar Sahib (Maaghi)01 Maagh
January 27BirthdayBaba Deep Singh Ji14 Maagh

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates in February 2025

February 02HistoricalMarriage of Guru Gobind Singh/Mata Jito Ji (Guru Ka Lahore)20 Maagh
February 09HistoricalWadda Ghallughara (Kup Rohira – Sangrur)27 Maagh
February 10PrakashGuru Har Rai Sahib Ji28 Maagh
February 11BirthSahibzada Baba Ajit Singh Ji29 Maagh
February 12BirthBhagat Ravidas Ji01 Phagun

Sikh Festivals and Religious Dates 2023 – Sikh Holidays List

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