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Christian Calendar 2024, List of Christian Festivals and Holidays 2024 in India

2023 Christian calendar now available at GanpatiSevak website. Please read full article, Here you can find new monthly Christian festivals list 2023 to download in PDF format easily. Stay tuned for the latest Jesus Christ church calendar 2023 in English language. Check more Christian calendar 2023 |Christian Festivals PDF Download | Christian calendar PDF Download.
Christian Calendar 2024 Pdf

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Religious, in India, Hindus constitute 80 percent of the population, Muslims 14 percent, and Christians only 2.5 percent. Despite this, there are many areas in India that have long been inhabited by a large population of Christians, who celebrate Easter, the main Christian festival, with full devotion every year. Christian New Year is recognized all over the world. The New Year celebrated on January 1 is actually based on the Gregorian calendar 2024 and on January 1, New Year is celebrated in almost all the countries of the world.

It originated with the Roman calendar, while the traditional Roman calendar new year begins on March 1. Similar to other parts of the world, Easter falls in late March or early April, depending on the calendar for the year and the traditions of this particular denomination. Easter is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection from the grave three days after the death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday.

The calendar that is prevalent around the world today was prepared by Pope Gregory VIII in 1582. Gregory had made a provision for leap year in it. Apart from Gregorian, many other calendars are also quite popular. The calendar used around the world today is known as the Christian calendar 2024 or the Gregorian calendar. This calendar system was derived from the earlier Julian calendar. Here we are coming with Christian Calendar 2024 with Pdf format which is free to download.

Here Christian communities can also get the information on upcoming Christian festivals in 2024, Christian holidays and religious days in India including Easter, Good Friday, Christmas Date and more list.

Christian Calendar 2024 PDF Download

The Christian calendar, also known as the liturgical calendar or the church calendar, is a system used by many Christian denominations to organize and commemorate important events and seasons in the life of Jesus Christ and the history of Christianity. It provides a framework for observing religious feasts, seasons of fasting or preparation, and the celebration of saints and martyrs.

The Christian calendar is based on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, with the most significant event being his birth, death, and resurrection. The calendar is centered around the celebration of these events and the corresponding seasons and feasts.

Christian Calendar 2024 PDF Download

Christian Festivals and Holidays List 2024 (Religious Days)

SaturdaySat Jan 06, 2024Jan 06 Epiphany
SundaySun Jan 07, 2024Jan 07 The Baptism of Jesus
FridayFri Feb 02, 2024Feb 02 Candlemas
WednesdayWed Feb 14, 2024Feb 14 St. Valentine's Day
WednesdayWed Feb 14, 2024Feb 14 Ash Wednesday
SundaySun Mar 17, 2024Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day
TuesdayTue Mar 19, 2024Mar 19 St. Joseph's Day
SundaySun Mar 24, 2024Mar 24 Palm Sunday
ThursdayThu Mar 28, 2024Mar 28 Maundy (Holy) Thursday
FridayFri Mar 29, 2024Mar 29 Good Friday
SundaySun Mar 31, 2024Mar 31 Easter
MondayMon Apr 01, 2024Apr 01 Easter Monday
TuesdayTue Apr 23, 2024Apr 23 St. George's Day
ThursdayThu May 09, 2024May 09 Ascension of Jesus
SundaySun May 19, 2024May 19 Pentecost
SundaySun May 26, 2024May 26 Trinity Sunday
ThursdayThu May 30, 2024May 30 Corpus Christi
SaturdaySat Jun 29, 2024Jun 29 Saints Peter and Paul
MondayMon Jul 15, 2024Jul 15 Saint Vladimir
ThursdayThu Jul 25, 2024Jul 25 St. James the Great Day
ThursdayThu Aug 01, 2024Aug 01 Lammas
ThursdayThu Aug 15, 2024Aug 15 The Assumption of Mary
SaturdaySat Sep 14, 2024Sep 14 Holy Cross Day
SundaySun Sep 29, 2024Sep 29 Michael and All Angels
ThursdayThu Oct 31, 2024Oct 31 All Hallows Eve
FridayFri Nov 01, 2024Nov 01 All Saints' Day
SaturdaySat Nov 02, 2024Nov 02 All Souls' Day
SundaySun Nov 24, 2024Nov 24 Christ the King
ThursdayThu Nov 28, 2024Nov 28 Thanksgiving (USA)
SaturdaySat Nov 30, 2024Nov 30 St. Andrew's Day
SundaySun Dec 01, 2024Dec 01 Advent – first Sunday
FridayFri Dec 06, 2024Dec 06 St. Nicholas Day
TuesdayTue Dec 24, 2024Dec 24 Christmas Eve
WednesdayWed Dec 25, 2024Dec 25 Christmas
SaturdaySat Dec 28, 2024Dec 28 Holy Innocents
TuesdayTue Dec 31, 2024Dec 31 Watch Night

Christian Festivals and Holidays List 2023 (Religious Days)

DayDateChristian Holidays 2022
FridayJan 06, 2023Epiphany
SundayJan 08, 2023The Baptism of Jesus
ThursdayFeb 02, 2023Candlemas
TuesdayFeb 14, 2023St. Valentine’s Day
WednesdayFeb 22, 2023Ash Wednesday
FridayMar 17, 2023St. Patrick’s Day
SundayMar 19, 2023St. Joseph’s Day
SundayApr 02, 2023Palm Sunday
ThursdayApr 06, 2023Maundy (Holy) Thursday
FridayApr 07, 2023Good Friday
SundayApr 09, 2023Easter
MondayApr 10, 2023Easter Monday
SundayApr 23, 2023St. George’s Day
ThursdayMay 18, 2023Ascension of Jesus
SundayMay 28, 2023Pentecost
SundayJun 04, 2023Trinity Sunday
ThursdayJun 08, 2023Corpus Christi
ThursdayJun 29, 2023Saints Peter and Paul
SaturdayJul 15, 2023Saint Vladimir
TuesdayJul 25, 2023St. James the Great Day
TuesdayAug 01, 2023Lammas
TuesdayAug 15, 2023The Assumption of Mary
ThursdaySep 14, 2023Holy Cross Day
FridaySep 29, 2023Michael and All Angels
TuesdayOct 31, 2023All Hallows Eve
WednesdayNov 01, 2023All Saints’ Day
ThursdayNov 02, 2023All Souls’ Day
ThursdayNov 23, 2023Thanksgiving (USA)
SundayNov 26, 2023Christ the King
ThursdayNov 30, 2023St. Andrew’s Day
SundayDec 03, 2023Advent – first Sunday
WednesdayDec 06, 2023St. Nicholas Day
SundayDec 24, 2023Christmas Eve
MondayDec 25, 2023Christmas
ThursdayDec 28, 2023Holy Innocents
SundayDec 31, 2023Watch Night

2022 Christian Festivals and Holidays List (Religious Days)

DayDateChristian Holidays 2022
ThursdayJan 06, 2022Epiphany
SundayJan 09, 2022The Baptism of Jesus
WednesdayFeb 02, 2022Candlemas
MondayFeb 14, 2022St. Valentine’s Day
WednesdayMar 02, 2022Ash Wednesday
ThursdayMar 17, 2022St. Patrick’s Day
SaturdayMar 19, 2022St. Joseph’s Day
SundayApr 10, 2022Palm Sunday
ThursdayApr 14, 2022Maundy (Holy) Thursday
FridayApr 15, 2022Good Friday
SundayApr 17, 2022Easter
MondayApr 18, 2022Easter Monday
SaturdayApr 23, 2022St. George’s Day
ThursdayMay 26, 2022Ascension of Jesus
SundayJun 05, 2022Pentecost
SundayJun 12, 2022Trinity Sunday
ThursdayJun 16, 2022Corpus Christi
WednesdayJun 29, 2022Saints Peter and Paul
FridayJul 15, 2022Saint Vladimir
MondayJul 25, 2022St. James the Great Day
MondayAug 01, 2022Lammas
MondayAug 15, 2022The Assumption of Mary
WednesdaySep 14, 2022Holy Cross Day
ThursdaySep 29, 2022Michael and All Angels
MondayOct 31, 2022All Hallows Eve
TuesdayNov 01, 2022All Saints’ Day
WednesdayNov 02, 2022All Souls’ Day
SundayNov 20, 2022Christ the King
ThursdayNov 24, 2022Thanksgiving (USA)
SundayNov 27, 2022Advent – first Sunday
WednesdayNov 30, 2022St. Andrew’s Day
TuesdayDec 06, 2022St. Nicholas Day
SaturdayDec 24, 2022Christmas Eve
SundayDec 25, 2022Christmas
WednesdayDec 28, 2022Holy Innocents
SaturdayDec 31, 2022Watch Night

Here are some key elements and seasons in the Christian calendar:

  • Advent: This is a period of preparation and anticipation leading up to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ (Christmas). Advent typically begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and lasts for four weeks.
  • Christmas: This is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, observed on December 25th by most Western Christian denominations. It is a joyous time that commemorates the incarnation of Jesus.
  • Epiphany: This feast is celebrated on January 6th and marks the revelation of Jesus as the Son of God to the world. It includes the visit of the Magi or Wise Men to the baby Jesus.
  • Lent: This is a period of 40 days (excluding Sundays) of penance, fasting, and prayer leading up to Easter. It commemorates the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday.
  • Holy Week: This is the week leading up to Easter and includes events such as Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), the Last Supper (Maundy Thursday), the Crucifixion (Good Friday), and the burial of Jesus.
  • Easter: This is the most important and joyous celebration in the Christian calendar. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, signifying victory over sin and death. Easter is typically observed on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox.
  • Pentecost : Also known as the Feast of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost is celebrated 50 days after Easter. It commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles and the birth of the early Christian church.
  • In addition to these major seasons and feasts, the Christian calendar includes various other observances and commemorations of saints, martyrs, and significant events in Christian history. Different Christian traditions may have slight variations in their observance of the calendar, but the core events and seasons remain consistent across denominations.
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