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Ramadan 2023 Dates Calendar, Roza Sehri-Iftar Time, Ramadan 1444 Prayer Time Table

Ramadan 2023 Dates Calendar, Roza Sehri-Iftar Time, Ramadan 2023 Prayer Time Table

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Ramadan is the ninth and holy month of the Islamic calendar 2023. Muslims around the world consider this month of fasting to be very holy and the month of sacrifice. People of Muslim community observes fasts this month. It is called Summa in Arabic language. In such a situation, this month is also called Mah-e-Siyam in Arabic. At the same time, in Persian language it is called Roza. The first Ashra of Ramadan is Rahmath, the second Maghfirat and the third is freedom from Hell. In the month of Ramadan, the doors of mercy are opened and the doors of hell are closed.

Ramadan begins after seeing the moon. Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries announced the exact date of Ramadan only after the moon is sighted. Ruet-e-Hilal Committee are there to inform when the moon is sighted, which testify to the sighting of the moon. The festival can also be celebrated on the next day of the written testimony. Checkout here Ramadan Calendar of 2023 / 1444.

According to the sighting of the moon, the month of Ramadan is sometimes 29 and sometimes 30 days. The Urdu Calendar 2023 is based on the moon. The moon of 29 means that if the moon is seen on the 29th of the month, then a day is skipped. Otherwise, according to a month of 30 days, the first day of the next month is counted from the next day. Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates all await an announcement from Saudi Arabia. Here we have updated Ramadan 2023 date with Sehri and Iftar Time.

All Muslim communities also get the information on 2023 में रमजान कब से शुरू है regarding date and Ramadan prayer time table in Saudi Arabia and India.

What is Ramadan (Ramzan) Sahri and Iftar Time in India?
The moon of Ramadan has also been seen in India. Muslims depend on the evidence of local people to know when Ramadan will start in India.

Ramadan Fasting Rules
The fasting of Ramadan starts from Sehri in the morning and continues till Iftar in the evening. Sehri is performed in the morning before sunrise till the time of Fajr prayer while iftar is done in the evening after sunset with Maghrib prayer.

Significance of Ramadan
Ramadan does not only mean fasting, but in this one month, those things are also avoided which does not come under the purview of humanity. During this time no wrong actions are done. Also the wrong things are avoided. The month of Ramadan brings man closer to God.
Ramadan 2023 Dates Calendar, Roza Sehri-Iftar Time, Ramadan 2023 Prayer Time Table

Ramadan Calendar 2023/1444 – Dates and Time Table (रमजान कैलेंडर दिन 2023)

SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Saturday
    01 Ramaḍān
23 March 1st Day of Ramadan
02 Ramaḍān
24 March
03 Ramaḍān
25 March
04 Ramaḍān
26 March
05 Ramaḍān
27 March
06 Ramaḍān
28 March
07 Ramaḍān
29 March
08 Ramaḍān
30 March
09 Ramaḍān
31 March
10 Ramaḍān
01 April
11 Ramaḍān
02 April
12 Ramaḍān
03 April
13 Ramaḍān
04 April
14 Ramaḍān
05 April
15 Ramaḍān
06 April
16 Ramaḍān
07 April
17 Ramaḍān
08 April
18 Ramaḍān
09 April
19 Ramaḍān
10 April
20 Ramaḍān
11 April
21 Ramaḍān
12 April Lailat-ul-Qadr
22 Ramaḍān
13 April
23 Ramaḍān
14 April Lailat-ul-Qadr
24 Ramaḍān
15 April
25 Ramaḍān
16 April Lailat-ul-Qadr
26 Ramaḍān
17 April
27 Ramaḍān
18 April Lailat-ul-Qadr
28 Ramaḍān
19 April
29 Ramaḍān
20 April Lailat-ul-Qadr
30 Ramaḍān
21 April

2023 Ramadan Prayer Times (Roza Kholne Ka Time)

Roza DatesFajrSunriseZhuhrAsrSunsetMaghribIshaImsakMidnight
01 Ramaḍān, 1444 (23 March, 2023)05:41 (IST)06:41 (IST)12:45 (IST)16:08 (IST)18:50 (IST)18:50 (IST)19:50 (IST)05:31 (IST)00:45 (IST)22:47 (IST)02:44 (IST)
02 Ramaḍān, 1444 (24 March, 2023)05:40 (IST)06:40 (IST)12:45 (IST)16:08 (IST)18:50 (IST)18:50 (IST)19:51 (IST)05:30 (IST)00:45 (IST)22:47 (IST)02:43 (IST)
03 Ramaḍān, 1444 (25 March, 2023)05:39 (IST)06:39 (IST)12:45 (IST)16:07 (IST)18:51 (IST)18:51 (IST)19:51 (IST)05:29 (IST)00:45 (IST)22:47 (IST)02:43 (IST)
04 Ramaḍān, 1444 (26 March, 2023)05:38 (IST)06:38 (IST)12:44 (IST)16:07 (IST)18:51 (IST)18:51 (IST)19:51 (IST)05:28 (IST)00:44 (IST)22:47 (IST)02:42 (IST)
05 Ramaḍān, 1444 (27 March, 2023)05:37 (IST)06:37 (IST)12:44 (IST)16:07 (IST)18:51 (IST)18:51 (IST)19:51 (IST)05:27 (IST)00:44 (IST)22:46 (IST)02:42 (IST)
06 Ramaḍān, 1444 (28 March, 2023)05:36 (IST)06:36 (IST)12:44 (IST)16:06 (IST)18:51 (IST)18:51 (IST)19:52 (IST)05:26 (IST)00:44 (IST)22:46 (IST)02:41 (IST)
07 Ramaḍān, 1444 (29 March, 2023)05:35 (IST)06:35 (IST)12:43 (IST)16:06 (IST)18:52 (IST)18:52 (IST)19:52 (IST)05:25 (IST)00:44 (IST)22:46 (IST)02:41 (IST)
08 Ramaḍān, 1444 (30 March, 2023)05:34 (IST)06:35 (IST)12:43 (IST)16:06 (IST)18:52 (IST)18:52 (IST)19:52 (IST)05:24 (IST)00:43 (IST)22:46 (IST)02:40 (IST)
09 Ramaḍān, 1444 (31 March, 2023)05:33 (IST)06:34 (IST)12:43 (IST)16:05 (IST)18:52 (IST)18:52 (IST)19:53 (IST)05:23 (IST)00:43 (IST)22:46 (IST)02:40 (IST)
10 Ramaḍān, 1444 (01 April, 2023)05:33 (IST)06:33 (IST)12:42 (IST)16:05 (IST)18:52 (IST)18:52 (IST)19:53 (IST)05:23 (IST)00:43 (IST)22:46 (IST)02:39 (IST)
11 Ramaḍān, 1444 (02 April, 2023)05:32 (IST)06:32 (IST)12:42 (IST)16:05 (IST)18:53 (IST)18:53 (IST)19:53 (IST)05:22 (IST)00:42 (IST)22:46 (IST)02:39 (IST)
12 Ramaḍān, 1444 (03 April, 2023)05:31 (IST)06:31 (IST)12:42 (IST)16:04 (IST)18:53 (IST)18:53 (IST)19:53 (IST)05:21 (IST)00:42 (IST)22:46 (IST)02:38 (IST)
13 Ramaḍān, 1444 (04 April, 2023)05:30 (IST)06:30 (IST)12:42 (IST)16:04 (IST)18:53 (IST)18:53 (IST)19:54 (IST)05:20 (IST)00:42 (IST)22:46 (IST)02:38 (IST)
14 Ramaḍān, 1444 (05 April, 2023)05:29 (IST)06:30 (IST)12:41 (IST)16:03 (IST)18:53 (IST)18:53 (IST)19:54 (IST)05:19 (IST)00:41 (IST)22:45 (IST)02:38 (IST)
15 Ramaḍān, 1444 (06 April, 2023)05:28 (IST)06:29 (IST)12:41 (IST)16:03 (IST)18:54 (IST)18:54 (IST)19:54 (IST)05:18 (IST)00:41 (IST)22:45 (IST)02:37 (IST)
16 Ramaḍān, 1444 (07 April, 2023)05:27 (IST)06:28 (IST)12:41 (IST)16:03 (IST)18:54 (IST)18:54 (IST)19:55 (IST)05:17 (IST)00:41 (IST)22:45 (IST)02:37 (IST)
17 Ramaḍān, 1444 (08 April, 2023)05:26 (IST)06:27 (IST)12:40 (IST)16:02 (IST)18:54 (IST)18:54 (IST)19:55 (IST)05:16 (IST)00:41 (IST)22:45 (IST)02:36 (IST)
18 Ramaḍān, 1444 (09 April, 2023)05:25 (IST)06:26 (IST)12:40 (IST)16:02 (IST)18:54 (IST)18:54 (IST)19:55 (IST)05:15 (IST)00:40 (IST)22:45 (IST)02:36 (IST)
19 Ramaḍān, 1444 (10 April, 2023)05:24 (IST)06:26 (IST)12:40 (IST)16:01 (IST)18:55 (IST)18:55 (IST)19:56 (IST)05:14 (IST)00:40 (IST)22:45 (IST)02:35 (IST)
20 Ramaḍān, 1444 (11 April, 2023)05:24 (IST)06:25 (IST)12:40 (IST)16:01 (IST)18:55 (IST)18:55 (IST)19:56 (IST)05:14 (IST)00:40 (IST)22:45 (IST)02:35 (IST)
21 Ramaḍān, 1444 (12 April, 2023)05:23 (IST)06:24 (IST)12:39 (IST)16:00 (IST)18:55 (IST)18:55 (IST)19:56 (IST)05:13 (IST)00:40 (IST)22:45 (IST)02:34 (IST)
22 Ramaḍān, 1444 (13 April, 2023)05:22 (IST)06:23 (IST)12:39 (IST)16:00 (IST)18:55 (IST)18:55 (IST)19:57 (IST)05:12 (IST)00:39 (IST)22:45 (IST)02:34 (IST)
23 Ramaḍān, 1444 (14 April, 2023)05:21 (IST)06:22 (IST)12:39 (IST)15:59 (IST)18:56 (IST)18:56 (IST)19:57 (IST)05:11 (IST)00:39 (IST)22:45 (IST)02:34 (IST)
24 Ramaḍān, 1444 (15 April, 2023)05:20 (IST)06:22 (IST)12:39 (IST)15:59 (IST)18:56 (IST)18:56 (IST)19:58 (IST)05:10 (IST)00:39 (IST)22:44 (IST)02:33 (IST)
25 Ramaḍān, 1444 (16 April, 2023)05:19 (IST)06:21 (IST)12:38 (IST)15:59 (IST)18:56 (IST)18:56 (IST)19:58 (IST)05:09 (IST)00:39 (IST)22:44 (IST)02:33 (IST)
26 Ramaḍān, 1444 (17 April, 2023)05:18 (IST)06:20 (IST)12:38 (IST)15:58 (IST)18:56 (IST)18:56 (IST)19:58 (IST)05:08 (IST)00:38 (IST)22:44 (IST)02:32 (IST)
27 Ramaḍān, 1444 (18 April, 2023)05:18 (IST)06:19 (IST)12:38 (IST)15:58 (IST)18:57 (IST)18:57 (IST)19:59 (IST)05:08 (IST)00:38 (IST)22:44 (IST)02:32 (IST)
28 Ramaḍān, 1444 (19 April, 2023)05:17 (IST)06:19 (IST)12:38 (IST)15:57 (IST)18:57 (IST)18:57 (IST)19:59 (IST)05:07 (IST)00:38 (IST)22:44 (IST)02:31 (IST)
29 Ramaḍān, 1444 (20 April, 2023)05:16 (IST)06:18 (IST)12:38 (IST)15:57 (IST)18:57 (IST)18:57 (IST)19:59 (IST)05:06 (IST)00:38 (IST)22:44 (IST)02:31 (IST)
30 Ramaḍān, 1444 (21 April, 2023)05:15 (IST)06:17 (IST)12:37 (IST)15:56 (IST)18:58 (IST)18:58 (IST)20:00 (IST)05:05 (IST)00:37 (IST)22:44 (IST)02:31 (IST)

Ramadan 2023 – Roza Sehr and Iftaar Time (रमजान में सहरी और इफ्तार का समय 2023)

105:27 AM6:51 PM23 Mar 2023
205:26 AM6:52 PM24 Mar 2023
305:25 AM6:52 PM25 Mar 2023
405:24 AM6:52 PM26 Mar 2023
505:23 AM6:52 PM27 Mar 2023
605:23 AM6:53 PM28 Mar 2023
705:22 AM6:53 PM29 Mar 2023
805:21 AM6:53 PM30 Mar 2023
905:20 AM6:53 PM31 Mar 2023
1005:19 AM6:53 PM01 Apr 2023
1105:18 AM6:54 PM02 Apr 2023
1205:17 AM6:54 PM03 Apr 2023
1305:16 AM6:54 PM04 Apr 2023
1405:15 AM6:54 PM05 Apr 2023
1505:14 AM6:55 PM06 Apr 2023
1605:13 AM6:55 PM07 Apr 2023
1705:13 AM6:55 PM08 Apr 2023
1805:12 AM6:55 PM09 Apr 2023
1905:11 AM6:56 PM10 Apr 2023
2005:10 AM6:56 PM11 Apr 2023
2105:09 AM6:56 PM12 Apr 2023
2205:08 AM6:56 PM13 Apr 2023
2305:07 AM6:57 PM14 Apr 2023
2405:06 AM6:57 PM15 Apr 2023
2505:05 AM6:57 PM16 Apr 2023
2605:04 AM6:58 PM17 Apr 2023
2705:04 AM6:58 PM18 Apr 2023
2805:03 AM6:58 PM19 Apr 2023
2905:02 AM6:58 PM20 Apr 2023
3005:01 AM6:59 PM21 Apr 2023

When is Ramadan (Ramzan) Date in 2023?

    • First Day of Ramadan : 23 March 2023, Thursday
    • Last Day of Ramadan : Sundown on Thursday, 21 April 2023
    • Eid :  Saturday, April 22, 2023

When will Ramzan be celebrated in India?

The beginning of Ramadan is dependent on the arrival of the moon, so its date may vary from country to country as well in India. According to Islamic Calendar 2023, this year Ramadan 1444 will begin on the evening of Thursday, March 22, and will end on on Thursday, April 21. After this, Eid ul-Fitr will be celebrated on 22 April.

Why is Ramadan considered holy?
For Muslims, Ramadan is the month in which the first verse of Islam’s holy book, the Quran, was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad more than 1,400 years ago. Throughout this month, Muslims start fasting with Fajr prayer and break the fast with sunset prayer.

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