Panchak Dates 2023 with Start and End Timings – पंचक कैलेंडर 2023

Panchak Dates 2023 with Start and End Timings – पंचक कैलेंडर 2023

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Why Panchak is considered inauspicious? Know about the Panchak coming in 2023. In Vedic astrology, yoga formed by a special combination of five constellations is called Panchak. The time when the Moon stays on Aquarius and Pisces is called Panchak. The Moon stays in one zodiac sign for about two and a half days thus the Moon in these two zodiac signs orbits for five days. The constellation chakra has a total of 27 Nakshatra – constellations. During these five days the moon passes through the five constellations Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada and Revati. That is why these five days are called Panchak..You can see the पंचक कैलेंडर 2023 here for more information..

According to astrology, the yoga of inauspicious and harmful constellations is called Panchak, that is why astrologers do not consider Panchak as auspicious constellation. The most important of these is the Panchak. Whenever a work is started, Panchak is also considered along with auspicious moments.

According to astrology, the time is determined according to the planets and constellations to do or not to do something, which we call inauspicious or auspicious moment. It is believed that the results of deeds done in auspicious moments are auspicious, while the work done by ignoring the auspicious moment may be hindered.

Vedic astrology is very popular in India and all the festivals are determined on the basis of this astrology. In Hindu culture, there is a statement to do every work by looking at the moment. In Vedic astrology, planets and constellations have a lot of focus and have an important place in the Panchak period. It is believed that no auspicious deeds are performed during the Panchak period. This period is considered inauspicious.

Checkout the calendar of Panchak dates in 2023 with start & end timings.

Panchak Dates 2023 with Start and End Timings – पंचक कैलेंडर 2023

Types of Panchak (जानिए पंचक के 5 प्रकार)

  • Rog Panchak
  • Raj Panchak
  • Agni Panchak
  • Chor Panchak
  • Mrityu (Death) Panchak

Why need to see Panchak?

For this it is necessary to watch ‘Panchak’

Panchak means five. It is believed that if any inauspicious act occurs during the panchak it has a five fold frequency. That is why it is necessary to prevent it. If someone dies in Panchak, his funeral should be done under a special ritual, otherwise there is a risk of Panchak being blamed, so that five people in the family may die.

Panchak Calendar 2023 Dates and Timings (जानिए वर्ष 2023 में कब-कब आएगा ‘पंचक’)

Panchak in January 2023

  • Panchak starts: January 23, 2023, Monday at 01:51 PM
  • Panchak ends : January 27, 2023, Friday at 06:37 PM

Panchak in February 2023

  • Panchak starts: February 20, 2023, Monday at 01:14 AM
  • Panchak ends: February 24, 2023, Friday at 03:44 AM

Panchak in March 2023

  • Panchak starts: March 19, 2023, Sunday at 11:17 AM
  • Panchak ends: March 23, 2023, Thursday at 02:08 PM

Panchak in April 2023

  • Panchak starts: April 15, 2023, Saturday at 06:44 PM
  • Panchak ends: April 19, 2023, Wednesday at 11:53 PM

Panchak in May 2023

  • Panchak starts: May 13, 2023, Saturday at 12:18 AM
  • Panchak ends: May 17, 2023, Wednesday at 07:39 AM

Panchak in June 2023

  • Panchak starts: June 9, 2023, Friday at 06:02 AM
  • Panchak ends: June 13, 2023, Tuesday at 01:32 PM

Panchak in July 2023

  • Panchak starts: July 6, 2023, Thursday at 01:38 PM
  • Panchak ends: July 10, 2023, Monday at 06:59 PM

Panchak in August 2023

  • Panchak starts: August 2, 2023, Wednesday at 11:26 PM
  • Panchak ends: August 7, 2023, Monday at 01:43 AM
  • Panchak starts: August 30, 2023, Wednesday at 10:19 AM

Panchak in September 2023

  • Panchak ends: September 3, 2023, Sunday at 10:38 AM
  • Panchak starts: September 26, 2023, Tuesday at 08:28 PM
  • Panchak ends: September 30, 2023, Saturday at 09:08 PM

Panchak in October 2023

  • Panchak starts: October 24, 2023, Tuesday at 04:23 AM
  • Panchak ends: October 28, 2023, Saturday at 07:31 AM

Panchak in November 2023

  • Panchak starts: November 20, 2023, Monday at 10:07 AM
  • Panchak ends: November 24, 2023, Friday at 04:01 PM

Panchak in December 2023

  • Panchak starts: December 17, 2023, Sunday at 03:45 PM
  • Panchak ends: December 21, 2023, Thursday at 10:09 PM

What should be avoided in Panchak?

There are 5 functions restricted to the Panchak Period.

  • Buying wood
  • Roof building at home
  • Fire Burn
  • Bed building
  • Travel south

Whats is the Effect of Panchak in Week Days Times?

According to astrology the effect of the Panchak period which happens every day is different. Which panchak will have an effect, the panchak starts according to which day it started.

  • Sunday : Sunday’s Panchak disease is called Panchak.
  • Monday : The Monday Panchak is called the Raj Panchak
  • Tuseday : Tuesday’s quintet is the fire quintet.
  • Wednesday : Panchak is acquitted on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Friday : Friday is called Panchak Chor Panchak.
  • Saturday : The Panchak on Saturday is the death Panchak.

Keep in mind:

This time period calculation of Panchak, due to difference in local sunrise and constellation entry time of different places of the country, this time may move back and forth by a few seconds. Therefore, while considering Panchak, once must check the local Panchang.
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