Narada Jayanti 2023: Celebration, Rituals, Shubh Muhurat Timings, Puja Vidhi, Choghadiya

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We are celebrating Narada Jayanti for the birth anniversary of Devrishi Narad, known as Narada Muni. He is called great seven Rishis and one of the Prajapatis. As per the rituals, he is also called universal divine messenger which provides good messages among Gods & Goddess. Narada Jayanti is world’s first person who can visit easilt in the Teen Loks, Akash, Prithvi or Earth and Patal.

He is always holding Veena in his hand. Narada Birth Jayanti is observed on the day after Purnima in Vaishakh month and as people are believing Sage Narad appeared from the forehead of Lord Brahma. He is the Son of Sage Kashyapa as Vishnu Purana suggest. Basically Narada Jayanti falls next day of Buddha Purnima. Here you can check inforation on Narada Jayanti 2023 celebration, rituals, shubh muhurat timings, choghadiya & panchang.

Narada Jayanti 2023 Date: –

Narada Jayanti Rituals and Puja Vidhi

  • Take bath early in the morning and get ready for puja of Narada Muni.
  • Put idol of Lord Vishnu for worshiped.
  • Speak mantra, bhajan & chant with with pure heart and mind.
  • Offer tulsi, flowers, insence stick & Diya.
  • Followed famous aarti of Lord Vishnu.
  • Visit nearest temple of Lord Vishnu (You may go Kashi Vishwanath temple).
  • Offer bhojan to Brahmans.

Shubh Muhurat Timings On Narada Jayanti

  • Pratipada Tithi Begins = 03:12 on 11/May/2017
  • Pratipada Tithi Ends = 05:28 on 12/May/2017
  • Sunrise :05:51 AM On 11-May-2017
  • Sunset: 06:55 PM On 11-May-2017
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