Modheshwari Mata Temple Modhera – Aarti, Timings, History, HD Photos, Mantra, Chalisa

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Modheshwari Mata (मोढेश्वरी माता) is the oldest temple with abundance of heritage and historical importance. It is located at Modhera, Gujarat near Modhera Sun temple. It have around a great construction and atmosphere. Maa Modheahwari is the kuldevi of modh bhramin. All over the gujarat people are take blessing many a times in a year. Matangi Modheshwari temple is holy place for Modh Brahmins so we should visit this place at least 1 time in life.

The Goddess Modheshwari form of Goddess Parvati. The great saint Matanga Mooni was worship Goddess Modheshwari, so is called other name of Matangi Modheshwari. Modheshwari has eighteen arms, each having a weapon such as trishul, dagger, sword, Khadga, kamandala, shankh, gada, pash, danda, damaru and more. During Chaitra Navratri, Purnima of every month or special days, there is a special Pooja are organised in the temple.

Let’s checkout the more information on Modheshwari Mata Temple in Modhera, Gujarat- aarti, timings and live darshan. You can also get details on Matangi Modheshwari maa history, hd photos, mantra, stuti and more.

Modheshwari Mata Temple - Aarti, Timings, History, HD Photos, Mantra, Chalisa

Modheshwari Mata Temple – Modhera Timings

  • All Days Open at 05:30 AM to 08:00 PM

Matangi Modheshwari Mata Aarti (मातंगी मोढेश्वरी माता की आरती)

Matangi Modheshwari Mata Aarti (मातंगी मोढेश्वरी माता की आरती)

History of Modheshwari Mata (मातंगी मोढेश्वरी माता का इतिहास)

Due to the sacred seat of Modheshwari Mataji in Modhera, which became world famous due to the historical Sun Temple of North Gujarat. Modhera Temple has become a center of faith all over the country including Gujarat. The old name of Modhera was Moherakpur. It is known as “Satyamandir” in Tretayug, “Vedbhuvan” in Dwaparyug, “Moherakpur” and “Dharmaranya” in Kaliyug and “Modhera” in the Middle Ages. The area around it, known as Dharmantaraya, was established during the Satyug. Brahma performed penance on this holy land of Modhera. Many sages and sages lived here.

When Alauddin Khilji demolished Patan and destroyed Modhera, the Modh Brahmins living in Modhera and the Vaishya community at that time faced him a lot. But they could not cope and were forced to leave. But Alauddin Khilji threw the idol of Mataji in the nearby Dharmeshwari Vav so that the idol of Modheshwari Mataji would not be damaged or damaged. The Modh Brahmin left Modhera and settled in different parts of Malwa, Ujjain, Bhopal, Indore and Mewar in Rajasthan. All this happened on the day of Dhuleti.

It is like knowing the manifest history of Kuladevi Shri Modheshwari of all Modh Samaj. In this religious area of ​​Modhera, a demon (राक्षस) named Kanart (कणार्ट) was very much tormented. The torment of the demon was increasing day by day so the wipro and merchants (विप्रो और मर्चेंट) here praised her at the feet of mother. And Kanart begged to save us from the torment of the monster.

Hearing the prayers of the devotees, the mother spontaneously appeared in an angry form. And with the flames coming out of his mouth, his eyes became red. A garland of red flowers adorned the neck. Mataji had eighteen different weapons in her arms.

Seeing such a monster from, the monster(राक्षस) hides but Mom finds it and a fierce battle is fought between the two. When the monster (राक्षस) comes to kill the goddess with a mugdal, the goddess Trishul gets lost in the chest of the demon. But other demons are born from the blood of the elusive demon. But since the goddess destroys all the demons one by one and saves the people of the village from the torment of the demon, this goddess has been worshiped as the family goddess of modh and vanik caste.

In Modheshwari, it is the family goddess of Modh Brahman, Modh Vanik and Modh Modiyo spread all over the world. The two main divisions of Modhera Brahman Samaj of Modhera in which Modh Brahmin and Modh Vaishya Samaj were formed. Out of them, in Modh Brahmin society, there were six divisions namely Chartuvedi, Trividha, Dhanuja, Tandalja, Agiyasana and Jethimal.

The temple was later renovated. Mataji’s Patotsav is celebrated here every year since the day Mataji was honored on the day of Maha sud Teras in the year 1966, and there is a split in the devotees.

History of Modheshwari Mata (मातंगी मोढेश्वरी माता का इतिहास)

Shri Matangi Modheshwari Mata Chalisa

Shri Matangi Modheshwari Mata Chalisa
Shri Matangi Modheshwari Mata Chalisa

Matangi Modheshwari Mata Stuti

Matangi Modheshwari Mata Stuti

Modhera Modheshwari Mata Mandir Live Darshan

How to Reach Modheshwari Mata Temple in Modhera, Gujarat?

The temple is located at a distance of 25 km from Mehsana and 95 km from Ahmedabad. Nearby is the Mehsana railway station and Ahmedabad has both the railway station and the airport from where vehicles are easily accessible.

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Modheshwari Mata Temple Address and Contact Details

  • C/O Shree Modheswari Devsthan Sanstha, Modhera, Mehsana – 384212, Becharaji.
  • Hindu temple in Modhera, Gujarat
  • For more information call: – 02734284327

List of Modheshwari Mata Temples in India

  • Modheshwari Mata Mandir, Modhera, Ahmedabad : H4MW+86R, MODHERA, Becharaji, Gujarat 384412
  • Shri Modheshwari (Matangi) Maa Temple in Bharuch : 9, Nipan Nagar Link Rd, Government Colony, Bharuch, Gujarat 392001
  • Shree Modheshwari Mata Mandir in Surat : Balaji Road, New Judges Colony, Surat 395003, Gujarat
  • Modheshwari Mataji Temple in Bhavnagar : plot no.1732 /B, Vidhyut society, near Matangi Temple, Sarvoday Society, Sardar Nagar, Bhavnagar, Gujarat 364001
  • Shree Modheshwari Mata Temple in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh : K.V.K Jhabua ( Krishi Vigyan Kendra Jhabua), NH 59, Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh 457661
  • Shri Modheshwari Matangi Mata Mandir in Ujjain : 3PWH+VF9, Hasampura Rd, near Jain Mandir, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh 456006
  • Modheshwari Mata Temple in Gujarat : 4QP3+VW7, Galudan Gam, Gujarat 382305

Matangi Modheshwari Mata HD Photos and Images

Matangi Modheshwari Mata HD Photos and Images
Matangi Modheshwari Mata HD Photos and Images
Matangi Modheshwari Mata HD Photos and Images
Matangi Modheshwari Mata HD Photos and Images
Matangi Modheshwari Mata HD Photos and Images
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