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Lord Krishna 108 Names, Krishna Ashtottara Shatanamavali PDF Download

Lord Krishna 108 Names

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Lord Krishna is one of the most popular and widely worshipped Hindu deities. He is the eighth avatar, or incarnation, of the god Vishnu. Krishna is known by many different names, each of which highlights a different aspect of his personality, divinity, or accomplishments.

Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is a central figure in Hinduism and is revered as the Supreme Being by millions of devotees worldwide. His life and teachings have left an indelible mark on the spiritual and cultural heritage of India. One way devotees express their devotion is by chanting the 108 names of Lord Krishna, known as Krishna Ashtottara Shatanamavali. In this article, we will delve deep into the significance and meanings of these divine names, exploring the spiritual richness they offer.

About Lord Krishna: The Divine Enigma

Krishna’s Birth and Childhood
Lord Krishna’s life is a fascinating blend of divine miracles and human-like playfulness. Born in Mathura, he grew up as a mischievous child, stealing butter and captivating the hearts of the gopis with his enchanting flute melodies.

Krishna as the Divine Lover
One of the most beloved aspects of Lord Krishna is his role as a lover. He is often depicted with Radha, the epitome of divine love. Their love story symbolizes the eternal union of the soul with the Supreme.

The Divine Philosopher
Krishna’s teachings, as recorded in the Bhagavad Gita, are a profound source of spiritual wisdom. He imparts guidance on duty, righteousness, and the path to liberation, addressing the perplexities of human existence.

Krishna as the Divine Protector
As a warrior prince, Lord Krishna played a pivotal role in the epic Mahabharata. He served as the charioteer and guide to Arjuna, imparting invaluable lessons on life and duty.

Significance of Lord Krishna 108 Names

Before we dive into the names themselves, let’s understand why the number 108 holds such importance in Hinduism. This number is considered sacred for several reasons. It is believed to represent the universe: 1 symbolizes the oneness or the Supreme, 0 represents completeness and emptiness, and 8 signifies infinity and eternity. Chanting 108 names of Lord Krishna is believed to help individuals connect with the divine and attain spiritual fulfillment.

108 Names of Krishna Meanings – Ashtottara Shatanamavali PDF Download

Chanting the 108 names of Lord Krishna is believed to be a very powerful and auspicious practice. It is said to cleanse the mind and body of all negativity, and to bring the chanter closer to Lord Krishna.

Here is a list of the 108 names of Lord Krishna, along with their meanings:

Sr. No Names Meaning
1. Achala Still Lord
2. Achyuta Infallible Lord
3. Adbhutah Wonderful God
4. Adidev The Lord Of The Lords
5. Aditya The Son Of Aditi
6. Ajanma One Who Is Limitless And Endless
7.  Ajaya The Conqueror Of Life And Death
8. Akshara Indestructible Lord
9. Amrut One Who Is Sweet As Nectar
10. Anaadih One Who Is The First Cause
11. Anandsagar Compassionate Lord
12. Ananta The Endless Lord
13. Anantajit Ever Victorious Lord
14. Anaya One Who Has No Leader
16. Aniruddha One Who Cannot Be Obstructed
16. Aparajeet The Lord Who Cannot Be Defeated
17. Avyukta One Who Is As Clear As Crystal
18. Balgopal The Child Krishna, The All Attractive
19. Bali The Lord Of Strength
20. Chaturbhuj Four-Armed Lord
21. Danavendra Granter Of Boons
22. Dayalu Repositiory Of Compassion
23. Dayanidhi The Compassionate Lord
24. Devadidev The God Of The Gods
25. Devakinandan Son Of Mother Devaki
26. Devesh Lord Of The Lords
27. Dharmadhyaksha The Lord OF Dharma
28. Dwarkapati Lord Of Dwarka
29. Gopal One Who Plays With The Cowherds, The Gopas
30. Gopalpriya Lover Of Cowherds
31. Govinda One Who Pleases The Cows, The Land And The Entire Nature
32. Gyaneshwar The Lord Of Knowledge
33. Hari The Lord Of Nature
34. Hiranyagarbha The All Powerful Creator
35. Hrishikesh The Lord Of All Senses
36. Jagadguru Preceptor Of The Universe
37. Jagadisha Protector Of All
38. Jagannath Lord Of The Universe
39. Janardhana One Who Bestows Boons On One And All
40. Jayantah Conqueror Of All Enemies
41. Jyotiraaditya The Resplendence Of The Sun
42. Kamalnath The Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi
43. Kamalnayan The Lord With Lotus Shaped Eyes
44. Kamsantak Slayer Of Kamsa
45. Kanjalochana The Lotus-Eyed God
46. Keshava One Who Has Long, Black Matted Locks
47. Krishna Dark-Complexioned Lord
48. Lakshmikantam The Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi
49. Lokadhyaksha Lord Of All The Three Lokas (Worlds)
50. Madan The Lord Of Love
51. Madhava Knowledge Filled God
52. Madhusudan Slayer Of Demon Madhu
53. Mahendra Lord Of Indra
54. Manmohan All Pleasing Lord
55. Manohar Beautiful Lord
56. Mayur The Lord Who Has A Peacock Feathered-Crest
57. Mohan All Attractive God
58. Murali The Flute Playing Lord
59. Murlidhar Murlidhar One Who Holds The Flute
60. Murlimanohar Murlimanohar The Flute Playing God
61. Nandgopala  The Son Of Nand
62. Narayana The Refuge Of Everyone
63. Niranjana The Unblemished Lord
64. Nirguna Without Any Properties
65. Padmahasta One Who Has Hands Like Lotus
66. Padmanabha The Lord Who Has A Lotus Shaped Navel
67. Parabrahmana The Supreme Absolute Truth
68. Paramatma Lord Of All Beings
69. Parampurush Supreme Personality
70. Parthasarthi Charioteer Of Partha – Arjuna
81. Sarvapalaka Protector Of All
82. Sarveshwar Lord Of All Gods
83. Satyavachana One Who Speaks Only The Truth
84. Satyavrata The Truth Dedicated Lord
85. Shantah Peaceful Lord
86. Shreshta The Most Glorious Lord
87. Shrikanta Beautiful Lord
88. Shyam Dark-Complexioned Lord
89. Shyamsundara Lord Of The Beautiful Evenings
90. Sudarshana Handsome Lord
91. Sumedha Intelligent Lord
92. Suresham Lord Of All Demi-Gods
93. Swargapati Lord Of Heavens
94. Trivikrama Conqueror Of All The Three Worlds
95. Upendra Brother Of Indra
96. Vaikunthanatha Lord Of Vaikuntha, The Heavenly Abode
97. Vardhamaanah The Formless Lord
98. Vasudev All Prevailing Lord
99. Vishnu All Prevailing Lord
100. Vishwadakshinah Skilfull And Efficient Lord
101. Vishwakarma Creator Of The Universe
102.  Vishwamurti The Form Of The Entire Universe
103. Vishwarupa One Who Displays The Universal Form
104. Vishwatma Soul Of The Universe
105. Vrishaparvaa Lord Of Dharma
106. Yadavendra King Of The Yadav Clan
107. Yogi The Supreme Master
108. Yoginampati Lord Of The Yogis

Krishna Ashtottara Shatanamavali: Most Important The 108 Names List

Lord Krishna is one of the most popular and widely worshipped Hindu deities. He is also one of the most enigmatic and complex figures in Hindu mythology. Krishna is known by many different names, each of which highlights a different aspect of his personality or divinity.

Now, let’s explore the 108 names of Lord Krishna, each carrying its unique significance and blessings.

  • Achala – The firm one
  • Achyuta – The infallible one
  • Adbhutah – The wonderful one
  • Adideva – The Lord of lords
  • Aditya – Son of Aditi
  • Ajanma – The unborn one
  • Ajaya – One who cannot be defeated
  • Akshara – The indestructible one
  • Amrit – Heavenly nectar that provides immortality
  • Anand-sagar – Sea of joy
  • Ananta – One who is endless
  • Anantajeet – The ever-victorious one
  • Ananya – One who has no superior
  • Aniruddha – One who cannot be obstructed
  • Aparajit – One who cannot be defeated
  • Avyukta – One who is very clearly visible
  • Balagopala – The child form of Krishna
  • Balkrishna – The child form of Krishna
  • Damodara – One who has a rope tied around his belly
  • Devakiputra – Son of Devaki
  • Devaki-Nandan – Beloved son of Devaki
  • Dhenuka-vadha – Slayer of the demon Dhenuka
  • Dwarkadheesh – Lord of Dwarka
  • Gopala – Cowherd
  • Govinda – Protector of cows
  • Hari – One who removes sorrow
  • Hrishikesha – Master of all senses
  • Jagannatha – Lord of the universe
  • Janardana – One who gives pleasure to people
  • Keshava – One with long, black hair
  • Madhava – One from the Yadava race
  • Madhusudana – Slayer of the demon Madhu
  • Makhanchor – Stealer of butter
  • Murari – Slayer of the demon Mura
  • Nandakumara – Son of Nanda
  • Niranjana – One without blemish
  • Parthasarathi – Charioteer of Arjuna
  • Pitambar – One who wears yellow clothes
  • Prabhu – Master
  • Pranavallabha – One who loves life
  • Purushottama – Supreme being
  • Radhakrishna – Lord Krishna with his consort Radha
  • Rama – One who gives pleasure
  • Ranchor – One who runs away from the battlefield
  • Rishikesh – Lord of all senses
  • Rukminivallabha – Lover of Rukmini
  • Sadashiv – Eternal being
  • Sakala-nidhi – One who possesses all treasures
  • Sampoorna – One who is complete
  • Sanatana – Eternal
  • Sarva-jna – One who knows everything
  • Sarva-shaktiman – One who is all-powerful
  • Satyabhama-vallabha – Lover of Satyabhama
  • Satyabhama-pati – Husband of Satyabhama
  • Shri Krishna – Auspicious Krishna
  • Shyam – Dark-complexioned
  • Sudama-mitra – Friend of Sudama
  • Sudarshana – One who has a beautiful form
  • Sudarshan-chakrapani – Holder of the Sudarshana Chakra
  • Sudha – Nectar
  • Sundara – Beautiful
  • Suresh – Lord of the gods
  • Svayam-bhagavan – The self-manifested one
  • Trivikrama – One who took three steps
  • Upendra – Younger brother of Indra
  • Vasudeva – Son of Vasudeva
  • Venu-gopala – Cowherd who plays the flute
  • Vishwamitra – Friend of the universe
  • Vishwanatha – Lord of the universe
  • Vishnu – One who pervades everything
  • Vrajendra – Lord of Vraja
  • Yogeshwara – Lord of yogis
  • Yadunandana – Son of the Yadu dynasty

108 Names of Lord Krishna in Hindi

108 Names of Lord Krishna in Hindi

Lord Krishna 108 Names HD Image Download

In conclusion, Lord Krishna’s 108 names, known as Krishna Ashtottara Shatanamavali, offer a profound insight into the multifaceted nature of the Divine. From his playful childhood to his role as a philosopher and protector, each name carries a unique essence that resonates with devotees worldwide. Chanting these names with devotion can lead to spiritual enlightenment and inner peace.

Lord Krishna 108 Names HD Image Download

Tips for Chanting the 108 names of Lord Krishna in Daily Life

Chanting the 108 names of Lord Krishna is a powerful way to connect with the divine and experience inner peace. Devotees often recite these names as a form of meditation, seeking blessings for themselves and their loved ones. Chanting the 108 names of Lord Krishna is believed to be a very powerful spiritual practice.

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