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Kalnirnay 2024 Marathi Calendar PDF Download

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 Pdf Download - Explore the Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 for festivals, events, and auspicious dates. Stay organized with our detailed Marathi calendar. Plan your year ahead.
Kalnirnay Gujarati 2024 Calendar

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Kalnirnay is a popular Marathi calendar and almanac that is published annually. It is one of the most widely used calendars in Maharashtra, and is used by people of all ages and backgrounds. The Kalnirnay 2024 calendar is now available, and it is a great way to stay organized and informed about upcoming events and holidays.

Kalnirnay was established by Jayantrao Salgaonkar in 1973 year. It available in 7 languages such as Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, English, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu. People are searching Kalnirnay calendar 2024 to check panchang, festivals, important days, holidays, sunrise and sunset, auspicious days. Kalnirnay Panchang Periodical now available with month-wise like January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.

Around 40 million people are using Kalnirnay calendar every year, today its world’s most largest selling publications in all over the world. You can buy it in variety of sizes and limited editions. It is very famous in Maharashtra because Marathi people’s are more demanding this calendar. It was first published as a “wall clock” common. Over the 50 years, Kalnirnay has picked up their strength in the Indian place and Indians’ hearts. Today’s generation are using mobile and internet so habits has changed they reading Kalnirnay calendar in mobile in place of physical copy.

About Kalnirnay 2024 Calendar

Kalnirnay is a calendar published in India that gives simplified information about almanac, auspicious days, festivals, holidays, sunrise and sunset. The calendar given by us, including Indian date, date, date, information, festivals kalnirnay, dindarshika, tithi, kalnirnay. The almanac is composed of five elements (tithi, nakshatra, karana, yoga and bridesmaid). Here we have updated Kalnirnay Calendar 2024 in Pdf format to download easily. Kalnirnay calendar was founded in the year 1973 by Jayantrao Salgaonkar. It was sold to 20,000 customers for the first time in that time. It has now become the world’s largest selling publication calendar. It has around 19 million copies are sold annually. Its official website is now available on Android and iOS apps.

You can checkout the Kalnirnay 2024 calendar in Marathi language which is showing a latest Indian date, information, festival, eKalnirnaya calendar, Dinarsika, monthly dates, festivals, vrat, marathi muhurat, tithi and more..

Kalnirnay 2024 Calendar Marathi PDF File Download

This Kalnirnay pdf includes daily panchang, auspicious wedding muhurat, sankashti chaturthi moonrise time, daily sun rise – moon rise time, monthly astrological predictions for all zodiac signs. For all Marathi speaking people, here we have brought online Marathi Chronology kalnirnay 2024 in which the people of Maharashtra can easily access Marathi Almanac and Horoscope, Nakshatra, Naming (नामकरण), Griha Pravesh muhurat, Choghadiya, amavasya and Full Moon Date of purnima, Marathi Birth Horoscope, Bank Holidays 2024 etc. Here we have updated Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 in Marathi language with PDF format for easy download.

Kalnirnay Calendar 2024 Marathi Features

  • Kalnirnay Marathi Language Edition
  • Comprises of auspicious and inauspicious days
  • Information on health, travel, kitchen recipes and more
  • To Check Monthly Panchang
  • Calendar Pack : 1
  • To Check Monthly Horoscope
  • Muhurat : Marriage, Mundan, Grih Praveg and more for every month
  • Sankashta Chaturthi: Location wise Moon-rise timing every month
  • Calendar Size: 28 x 44 cm

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar Price – ₹50.00

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 January

Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 January

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 February

Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 February

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 March

Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 March

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 April

Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 April

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 May

Kalnirnay May Calendar PDF Link

Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 May

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 June

Kalnirnay June Calendar PDF Link

Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 June

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 July

Kalnirnay July Calendar PDF Link

Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 July

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 August

Kalnirnay July Calendar PDF Link

Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 August

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 September

Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 September

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 October

Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 October

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 November

Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 November

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 December

Kalnirnay Marathi Panchang 2024 December

Kalnirnay Calendar App Download

Kalnirnay 2024 – This calendar is also available in Marathi language along with English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi. To download its app, you can click on the button below.

Let’s check out the Kalnirnay 2024 panchang in Marathi for Auspicious Muhurat, Marriage/Wedding dates, Upanayan dates, daily tithi, panchang and more..

2024 Kalnirnay or Kalnirnay Marathi calendar and panchang is now available at GanpatiSevak website. Please read full article, Here you can find new monthly Kalnirnay 2024 to download in PDF format easily. Stay tuned for the latest Kalnirnay Calendar 2024 in marathi language. Check more Kalnirnay 2024 | Kalnirnay Calendar Download | Kalnirnay PDF Download.

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar FAQs

How to Download Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024 PDF?

Here we have updated latest copy of Kalnirnay calendar and panchang 2024 in marathi language for free download in PDF format in which you can easily get monthly calendar with dates.

What is the price of Kalnirnay Marathi Wall Calendar 2024?

Its price around ₹99.00 but There are different pricing available on some online websites.

When was Kalnirnay Calendar Established?

The calendar was established in the year of 1973, logo and print typography was designed by Kamal Shedge.

Who founded the Kalnirnay Calendar and Panchang Original?

The calendar was founded by Jayantrao Salgaonkar and Jayraj Salgaokar

How many pages have in Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2024?

There are total 24 pages have in latest copy of marathi Kalnirnay calendar 2024.

Who is the author of Kalnirnay Calendar?

Jayant Salgaonkar (Jyotishi, businessman and historian) is the author of Kalnirnay Calendar

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