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Hindu Calendar for December 2022 : Festivals and Holidays List, Vrat, Tyohar, Fasting Days

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The Hindu calendar is the one kind of lunisolar calendar which it is based on the cycles of both the moon and the sun. The Hindu year is divided into 12 lunar months, with each month consisting of either 29 or 30 days. The Hindu calendar for December is used to determine the dates of Hindu festivals, holidays, fasting days and other religious events. With the help of December 2022 calendar, we can used to calculate the auspicious time for certain events, such as wedding, muhurat, important days, vrat and more. The Hindu calendar has a number of different variants, which are used in different parts of the world.

The December 2022 Hindu calendar has been in use since ancient times and is one of the most important calendars in the world. The Hindu calendar is used by many religious sects of India, including Hindus, Jains and Sikhs. The Hindu calendar is used in countries like Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The Hindu calendar is also known as Panchangam (Tamil), Calendar (Telugu) and Panchanga (Sanskrit).

According to the Hindu calendar 2022, the 1st week of December will be special for us because we can enjoy Mokshada Ekadashi, Anang Trayodashi Vrat, Som Pradosh Vrat, Purnima Vrat and Annapurna Jayanti festival in this month even there are few auspicious days and shubh muhurat for marriage in this month of December 2022. In the middle of the month of December, the Sankashti Chaturthi, Saphala Ekadashi, Amavasya, Christmas, Guru Govindsingh’s Birthday and Durga Ashtami Vrat will be worshipped.

You can also read and checkout about Hindu calendar for December 2022 – Vrat List, Fasting Days, Tyohar, दिसंबर हिंदू त्योहार और व्रत कैलेंडर 2022.

Hindu Calendar for December 2022 : Festivals and Holidays List, Vrat, Tyohar, Fasting Days

Hindu Calendar for December 2022: Festivals, Vrat and Holidays List (दिसंबर माह के त्योहारों की लिस्ट)

DatesFestivals Names
01 December 2022, ThursdayWorld Aids Day
03 December 2022, SaturdayGita Jayanti , Mokshada Ekadashi
04 December 2022, SundayVaishnava Mokshada Ekadashi , Navy Day
05 December 2022, MondayAnang Trayodashi Vrat , Som Pradosh Vrat , Pradosh Vrat
07 December 2022, WednesdaySri Satyanarayan Puja , Purnima Vrat , Shri Satyanarayan Vrat , Annapurna Jayanti
08 December 2022, ThursdayPurnima , Margashirsha Purnima , Rohini Vrat
11 December 2022, SundaySankashti Chaturthi
16 December 2022, FridayKalashtami , Dhanu Sankranti
19 December 2022, MondaySaphala Ekadashi
21 December 2022, WednesdayMasik Shivaratri , Pradosh Vrat
23 December 2022, FridayAmavasya
24 December 2022, SaturdayBharatheeya Grahak Divas , Christmas Eve , Chandra Darshan
25 December 2022, SundayMalaviya Jayanti , Christmas
26 December 2022, MondaySomvar Vrat , Chaturthi Vrat
28 December 2022, WednesdayShasti
29 December 2022, ThursdayGuru Govindsingh’s Birthday
30 December 2022, FridayDurga Ashtami Vrat