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Annapurna Devi, Annapurna Mata Vrat Katha PDF, Kahani, Images, Puja Vidhi Details

Annapurna Mata

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Annapurna Devi is a Hindu goddess known as the “Goddess of Nourishment” or “Goddess of Food”. She is considered to be the provider of food and nourishment to all living beings. The worship of Annapurna Devi is especially significant among those who follow the Shakta tradition within Hinduism. Her name is derived from two Sanskrit words: “Anna” meaning food or grains, and “Purna” meaning full, complete, or abundant.

About Annapurna Devi: The Goddess of Food and Prosperity

Annapurna Devi is a Hindu goddess who is worshipped as the goddess of food and prosperity. She is a form of Parvati, the wife of Shiva. Annapurna is often depicted as a beautiful woman with four arms, holding a bowl of rice, a spoon, a pot, and a lotus flower. She is usually seated on a lotus throne and surrounded by food and flowers.

Annapurna is believed to be the giver of all good things, including food, wealth, and prosperity. She is also believed to be the protector of children and families. People who worship Annapurna often pray to her for help in times of need, such as when they are facing financial difficulties or when they are trying to conceive a child.

About Annapurna Mata

DeityAnnapurna Devi or Mata
MeaningAnna (अन्न) means “food” | Purṇa (पूर्ण) means “full, complete and perfect.”
Goddess ForFood and Nourishment
FestivalsNavaratri, Annakut
AffiliationParvati, Devi, Durga, Adi Parashakti
AbodeMount Kailash
Mantraअन्नपूर्णे सदा पूर्णे शंकरप्राणवल्लभे । ज्ञानवैराग्यसिद्ध्य भिक्षां देहि च पार्वति ।।
SymbolPot, Ladle
ConsortLord Shiva

Annapurna Mata Vrat Katha or Kahani

The “Annapurna Mata Vrat Katha” is a sacred narrative or story associated with the worship of Goddess Annapurna. This narrative is often recited or read during the worship and fasting rituals dedicated to the goddess. It typically emphasizes the importance of food, gratitude, and the blessings of Annapurna Devi.

There is a popular story about Annapurna Devi that is often told to children. The story tells of a time when there was a great famine in the land. The people were starving and they were about to give up hope. One day, a beautiful woman appeared to them. She was carrying a basket full of food and she gave it to the people. The people were so grateful and they asked the woman who she was. The woman told them that she was Annapurna Devi, the goddess of food. She told them that she had come to help them and that she would always provide for them.

Annapurna Devi Aarti

Annapurna Devi is a powerful goddess who is worshipped by millions of people around the world. She is the giver of all good things, including food, wealth, and prosperity. She is also the protector of children and families. If you are looking for help in times of need, then you should pray to Annapurna Devi. She will surely help you.

Maa Annapurna Puja Vidhi and Worship Ritual

Clean the place of worship and yourself.
Arrange the necessary items for the puja, including a picture or idol of Goddess Annapurna, incense, flowers, fruits, grains, a lamp, and a bell.

Begin by invoking Lord Ganesha for removing obstacles and seeking his blessings to start the puja smoothly.

Annapurna Devi Puja:
Place the picture or idol of Goddess Annapurna in a prominent place.
Light the lamp and incense as a symbol of illumination and purity.
Offer flowers and fruits to the goddess as a symbol of respect and devotion.
Chant or recite hymns, stotras, or the Annapurna Sahasranama (a thousand names of the goddess) to invoke her presence and blessings.
Express your gratitude and ask for her blessings for nourishment, abundance, and prosperity.

Distribution of Food:
One of the unique aspects of the Annapurna Devi puja is the distribution of food, especially among those in need. This act symbolizes the goddess’s role as the provider of nourishment.

Aarti and Prayers:
Perform the aarti, where you show a lit lamp to the deity in a circular motion while singing praises and prayers.
Offer your personal prayers and wishes to Annapurna Devi.

Annapurna Mata Images Download

Annapurna Devi Photo in Kitchen

Annapurna Devi Mandir Details

  • Location – Visheshwarganj, Varanasi
  • State – Uttar Pradesh
  • Country – India

Conclude the puja by ringing the bell and seeking the goddess’s permission to leave. It’s important to note that specific rituals and customs may vary based on regional traditions and personal preferences. If you plan to perform this puja, you may want to consult a priest or someone knowledgeable about the ritual to ensure you are following the correct procedures.

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