Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali in Telugu: 108 Names of Lord Shiva with Meanings PDF Download

Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali in Telugu: 108 Names of Lord Shiva with Meanings PDF Download

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Here we can Know about the 108 names of Lord Shiva and Ashtottara shatanamavali of Lord Shiva. Shri Shiva bhagwan is very famous in Hindu communities. The number of 108 is very auspicious as per Hindu religious in India. Lord Shiva is the most popular Hindu deities, very famous for his different names.

In Shiva Purana, we can see Hindu deity Shiva which has 108 Sanskrit names so here we have placed all information as per the blog title post and you can use their Lord Shiva 108 names for daily chant, morning and evening puja, also download in your mobile phone to see anytime. Here we have shared 108 ashtottara shatanamavali of lord shiv bhagwan with signifies meanings and shiva mantra.

By regularly listening or reading Shri Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali, the troubles of your life will be removed and Goddess Lakshmi remains stable, your all the obstacles of the seeker are removed.

Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali in Telugu PDF Download

శివ అష్టోత్తర శత నామావళి : Have look the below 108 names of Lord Shiva. You can also find the shiva ashtottara shatanamavali in telugu with pdf format. Om Namah Shivayah.

Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali in Telugu - 108 Names of Lord Shiva with Meanings PDF Download

Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali in Hindi – शिव अष्टोत्तर शतनामावली

No Shiva 108 Name Shiva Ashtottara Meanings
1 Shiva Om Shivaya Namah। Always Pure
2 Maheshwara Om Maheshwaraya Namah। Lord Of Gods
3 Shambhu Om Shambhave Namah। One Who Bestows Prosperity
4 Pinakin Om Pinakine Namah। One Who Has A Bow In His Hand
5 Shashi Shekhara Om Shashishekharaya Namah। The God Who Wears The Crescent Moon In His Hair
6 Vamadeva Om Vamadevaya Namah। The God Who Is Pleasing And Auspicious In Every Way
7 Virupaksha Om Virupakshaya Namah। Lord Shiva With Oblique Eyes
8 Kapardi Om Kapardine Namah। The Lord With Thickly Matted Hair
9 Nilalohita Om Nilalohitaya Namah। The One With Red And Blue Colour
10 Shankara Om Shankaraya Namah। One Who Gives Happiness And prosperity
11 Shulapani Om Shulapanaye Namah। The One Who Carries A Trident
12 Khatvangi Om Khatvangine Namah। The God Who Carries A Knurled Club (Khatvanga)
13 Vishnuvallabha Om Vishnuvallabhaya Namah। The One Who Is Dear To Lord Vishnu
14 Shipivishta Om Shipivishtaya Namah। The Lord Whose Form Emits Great Rays Of Light
15 Ambikanatha Om Ambikanathaya Namah। Consort of Ambika (Parvati)
16 Shrikantha Om Shrikanthaya Namah। Of Glorious Neck
17 Bhaktavatsala Om Bhaktavatsalaya Namah। The One Who Is Favourably Inclined Towards His Devotees
18 Bhava Om Bhavaya Namah। The God Who Is Existence Itself
19 Sharva Om Sharvaya Namah। Remover Of All Troubles
20 Trilokesha Om Trilokeshaya Namah। The Lord Of All The Three Worlds
21 Shitikantha Om Shitikanthaya Namah। The Lord Who Has White Neck
22 Shivapriya Om Shiva Priyaya Namah। Beloved Of Parvati
23 Ugra Om Ugraya Namah। The One Who Has Extremely Fierce Nature
24 Kapali Om Kapaline Namah। One Who Wears A Necklace Of Skulls
25 Kamari Om Kamaraye Namah। Enemy of Kamadeva
26 Andhakasura Sudana Om Andhakasurasudanaya Namah। The Lord Who Killed The Asura Andhaka
27 Gangadhara Om Gangadharaya Namah। The God Who Holds The Ganges River In His Hair
28 Lalataksha Om Lalatakshaya Namah। One Who Has An Eye In The Forehead
29 Kalakala Om Kalakalaya Namah। He Is The Death Of Death
30 Kripanidhi Om Kripanidhaye Namah। The God Who Is The Treasure Of Compassion
31 Bheema Om Bhimaya Namah। The One Who Has Fearful Form
32 Parshuhasta Om Parashuhastaya Namah। The God Who Holds Axe In Hands
33 Mrigpaani Om Mrigapanaye Namah। The God Who Possess Deer In Hands
34 Jattadhar Om Jatadharaya Namah। The God Who Keeps Tress (Jata)
35 Kailashavasi Om Kailashavasine Namah। Native Of Kailasha
36 Kawachi Om Kawachine Namah। The God Who Possess Armour
37 Kathor Om Kathoraya Namah। The God Who Has A Strong Body
38 Tripurantak Om Tripurantakaya Namah। The God Who Killed Tripurasura
39 Vrishanka Om Vrishankaya Namah। The God Who Has A Flag With A Symbol Of Bull
40 Vrishbharudh Om Vrishabharudhaya Namah। The One Who Rides Bull
41 Bhasmodhulitavigrah Om Bhasmodhulitavigrahaya Namah। The One Who Applies Ashes All Over The Body
42 Samapriya Om Samapriyaya Namah। The One Who Loves With Equality
43 Swaramayi Om Swaramayaya Namah। The God Who Lives In All Seven Notes
44 Trayimurti Om Trayimurtaye Namah। The One Who Possess Veda Form
45 Anishvara Om Anishwaraya Namah। The One Who Does Not Have Any Lord
46 Sarvagya Om Sarvajnaya Namah। The One Who Knows Everything
47 Paramatma Om Paramatmane Namah। Everyone’s Own Soul
48 Somasuryaagnilochana Om Somasuryagnilochanaya Namah। The One Who Has Eyes In The Form Of Sun, Moon And Fire
49 Havi Om Havishe Namah। He Who Is Wealthy In The Form Of Ahuti
50 Yagyamaya Om Yajnamayaya Namah। The Architect Of All Sacrificial Rites
51 Soma Om Somaya Namah। The One Who Includes The Form Of Uma
52 Panchavaktra Om Panchavaktraya Namah। God Of The Five Activities
53 Sadashiva Om Sadashivaya Namah। The One Who Is Eternally Auspicious
54 Vishveshwara Om Vishveshwaraya Namah। Lord Of The Universe
55 Veerabhadra Om Virabhadraya Namah। Who Is Violent , Yet Peaceful
56 Gananatha Om Gananathaya Namah। God Of The Ganas
57 Prajapati Om Prajapataye Namah। The One Who Is The Creator Of Dynasty
58 Hiranyareta Om Hiranyaretase Namah। The One Who Emanates Golden Souls
59 Durdharsha Om Durdharshaya Namah। The One who Is Unconquerable
60 Girisha Om Girishaya Namah। Lord Of Mountains
61 Girisha Om Girishaya Namah। The God Who Sleeps On Kailash Mountain
62 Anagha Om Anaghaya Namah। He Who Is Pure
63 Bujangabhushana Om Bujangabhushanaya Namah। Lord Adorned With Golden Snakes
64 Bharga Om Bhargaya Namah। Lord Who Ends All Sins
65 Giridhanva Om Giridhanvane Namah। God Whose Weapon Is A Mountain
66 Giripriya Om Giripriyaya Namah। Lord Who Is Fond Of Mountains
67 krittivasaa Om krittivasase Namah। God Who Wears Clothes Of Elephant Skin
68 Purarati Om Purarataye Namah। Destroyer OF Town Or “Pur” Named Enemy
69 Bhagwaan Om Bhagawate Namah। God Of Prosperity
70 Pramathadhipa Om Pramathadhipaya Namah। God Who Is Served By Goblins
71 Mrityunjaya Om Mrityunjayaya Namah। Victor Of Death
72 Sukshamatanu Om Sukshmatanave Namah। God Who Has A Subtle Body
73 Jagadvyapi Om Jagadvyapine Namah। God Who Lives In The World
74 Jagadguru Om Jagadguruve Namah। Guru Of All The Worlds
75 Vyomakesha Om Vyomakeshaya Namah। Whose Hair Spreads In The Sky
76 Mahasenajanaka Om Mahasenajanakaya Namah। Father Of Kartikya
77 Charuvikrama Om Charuvikramaya Namah। The Guardian Of Wandering Pilgrims
78 Rudra Om Rudraya Namah। The One Who Gets Sad By The Pain Of Devotees
79 Bhootapati Om Bhutapataye Namah। Lord Of Panchabhoota Or Bhootapreta
80 Sthanu Om Sthanave Namah। Firm And Immovable Deity
81 Ahirbhudhanya Om Ahirbudhnyaya Namah। The One Who Possess Kundalini
82 Digambara Om Digambaraya Namah। The God Whose Robes Is The Cosmos
83 Ashtamurti Om Ashtamurtaye Namah। Lord Who Has Eight Forms
84 Anekatma Om Anekatmane Namah। The God Who Possess Many Forms
85 Satvika Om Satvikaya Namah। Lord Of Boundless Energy
86 Shuddhavigraha Om Shuddhavigrahaya Namah। Lord Of Pure Soul
87 Shashvata Om Shashvataya Namah। Lord Who Is Eternal And Endless
88 Khandaparshu Om Khandaparashave Namah। Lord Who Wears Broken Axe
89 Aja Om Ajaya Namah। The One Who Is Boundless
90 Pashvimochana Om Pashavimochakaya Namah। Lord Who Releases All Fetters
91 Mrida Om Mridaya Namah। The Lord Who Shows Only Mercy
92 Pashupati Om Pashupataye Namah। Lord Of Animals
93 Deva Om Devaya Namah। Lord Of Devas
94 Mahadeva Om Mahadevaya Namah। Greatest Of The Gods
95 Avayaya Om Avyayaya Namah। The One Who Never Subject To Change
96 Hari Om Haraye Namah। Same As Lord Vishnu
97 Bhagnetrabhid Om Bhaganetrabhide Namah। The Lord Who Damaged Bhaga’s Eye
98 Avayayat Om Avyaktaya Namah। Shiva Who Is Unseen
99 Dakshadhwarahara Om Dakshadhwaraharaya Namah। Destroyer Of Daksha’s Conceited Sacrifice (Yagya)
100 Har Om Haraya Namah। The Lord Who Dissolves All Bondage And Sins
101 Pushadantabhit Om Pushadantabhide Namah। One Who Punished Pushan
102 Avyagra Om Avyagraya Namah। Lord Who Is Steady And Unwavering
103 Sahsraksha Om Sahasrakshaya Namah। One Who Has Limitless Forms
104 Sahasrapada Om Sahasrapade Namah। The Lord Who Is Standing And Walking Everywhere
105 Apavargaprada Om Apavargapradaya Namah। Lord Who Gives And Takes All Things
106 Ananta Om Anantaya Namah। The One Who Is unending
107 Taraka Om Tarakaya Namah। The Lord Who Is Great Liberator Of Mankind
108 Parameshwara Om Parameshwaraya Namah। The Great God
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